Video Conferencing in Schools

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Video conferencing is the best chance at a solid solution for this problem. Video conferencing is a form of e-learning in which teachers and lecturers are able to handle lessons without even moving a single inch. (Martin 397-405) Video conferencing will help students access a wide range of information since schools are able to organize for classes to be taught by different specialists other than the designated teacher. In addition to this, schools are also able to brainstorm on certain matters without having to incur cost of transportation. (Martin 397-405) With the selected team’s expertise in IT, I believe that when it comes to this school the cost of setting up this project is minimal due to the fact that smart tv’s and a Promethean.

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Not all rooms are able to fit the description of a video conferencing room. The color of the room should be a little bit dull and not brightly colored in order to provide a proper backdrop for viewing the content of projectors. ("Characteristics of Video Conferencing Room | Eztalks") In order to ensure proper display in the video conferencing room, there should be no object for instance mirrors or paint swirls and checks that will cause reflection of light in the room. This is for the sole purpose of enhancing clarity in the videos. ("Characteristics of Video Conferencing Room | Eztalks") Using blinds in the rooms will help enhance the viewing of the videos and help to avoid the cameras from being affected by the light hence disrupting the clarity.

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Generally, the cost of the project might range from $10,000 to $20,000. This is a fair amount considering the costs that this set up will help evade in the long run. The project might take a minimum of a week in case the room needs modification when it comes to lighting. Having a video conferencing hall will help the school be one step ahead from the rest of the schools and by the time they catch up with this modification, the school will have already protested better grades compared to all the other schools. The team proposed for this project is more than qualified to ensure there are no breakdowns in the setup and in case of any technicality they are always available to examine the system.

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