Waste management inc strategy and swot analysis

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) 1) Find a definition (in our textbook) of corporate strategy and summarize with one sentence here. Corporate strategy is the highest strategic plan by the company to maximize its strategic management activities to realize long term goals and objectives for the success of business. 2) Find a definition (in our textbook) of business strategy and summarize with one sentence here. Business strategy are the competitive or modest interventions used by business to solidify performance, draw customers, successfully compete, and realize organization goals. 3) Does the Company have a corporate strategy? Yes Why? (Discuss the elements of corporate strategy in regards to Waste management Inc. Grayson, D. , & Hodges, A.  Corporate social opportunity!: Seven steps to make corporate social responsibility work for your business. Routledge. Rugman, A.

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Waste Disposal & Recycling for Home | Waste Management. (n. d. Retrieved from https://www. wm. • Strong distribution networks • Reliable supply • Better returns on capital investments • Good track record • High brand portfolios • Skilled workforce with strong management and capacity development 4) After reviewing your team’s work on internal analysis of the Company, analyze and list the company’s weaknesses, and specify the sourcing sections (such as “4. 6”) that you were using to identify them. • Low investment on new technologies • Limited success outside present business strategy • High attrition rate in work force • There is demand for more marketing • Does not integrate other firms with a different work culture • Low diversification of the company products 5). Search in our online databases to find an existing SWOT analysis of the Company.

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Copy their SWOT below. New companies emerging in the recycling and green energy sector 2. Different laws in different countries makes it difficult to enter global markets 3. Numerous government regulations 6) Find and list the discrepancy between your own SWOT and the one from literature. If it is significant, please discuss with your team to see if revisions for the previous sourcing sections are needed to make a better and thorough SWOT. Please reflect the revisions in your complete drafts.  Business analysis. D. Paul, D. Yeates, & J. Cadle (Eds. CRC Press. Sarsby, A.  SWOT analysis. Lulu. Com Waste Disposal & Recycling for Home | Waste Management. The company establishes long term contracts with its customers. The scope and type of services determine the fees charged.

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Environmental and regulatory are the main limitation to the strategy. The last stage of waste management is recycling. 2) based on the SWOT and previous sections and the Company’s current strategies, list the current strategic issues of the Company. The company should drive a pool of finance to support research and development. This will enable waste management Inc. to increase efficiency hence compliance with environment and legal requirement. The company will also adapt to the dynamic trends hence remain competitive in the market The management should also incentivize the employees, provide the feedback mechanism and ensure that the working environment Is favorable. It enhances productivity and retaining the employees as well as attracting new. This is because these factors determines the sustainability of a firm in the marketplace.

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