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Over here Chuyia meets other widows and gets to learn of their stories. Kalyani, another widow in this forsaken place, finds love in a follower of Gandhi. The two plan on getting married but as per tradition a widow is not to be remarried. This film encompasses several characteristics of classical Hollywood film. For instance, the film uses the narrative logic where characters face obstacles in their path to achieving a desired goal. Carelessly driving after long hours of drinking, he crashes into a wall almost losing his life ("Watch Head-On (2004) Full Movie on FMovies. to"). He ends up in a psychiatric hospital where he meets Sahil. Sahil is a suicidal young woman whose parents hold onto strict Turkish traditions. They intend to marry her to a Turkish man of their choice and to escape this she makes friends with Cahit who she gets married to as a get away from her parents.

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