What are the issues that prevent professional sports from becoming perfectly competitive

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Many people in the world today are fans of various sporting operations making the various games and sports being played in the world today. Currently, various sports are being played in the world today making it the games and such sports creating a lot of job opportunities for many people in the world today. Currently, sports is becoming one of the most lucrative businesses and works in the world. Most of the sports personalities are currently high ranking persons in the world, and they earn a good living from the sporting activities. This study aims at highlighting and describing some of the issues that prevent professional sports from becoming close to perfectly competitive markets. The many people who are now into the sporting activities have developed a huge impact in the world today.

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Nowadays, some professional sports people are now into sports as their full-time activity. Footballers, for instance, are taking the whole football sports to the next level that has changed the whole concept of the sporting affairs in the world. For instance, the professional clubs in Europe such as Manchester United, Chelsea, and Manchester City are now hiring some of the highly paid professional players who are now earning a lot of money in the weekly days. This is also the same case with other sports such as athletics, golfers, car racers and other major sporting activities in the country. In this case, any player who is found to have used the muscle stimulant drugs is usually banned from playing. This is also the case with the wrecking sports and also the boxing matches, doping tests are usually done in the sports world to ascertain the use of doping drugs, and this helps in reducing the cases of cheating in the society and hence jeopardizing the sports industry.

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The use of doping in athletics is also another major problem that can affect the integrity of the sporting industry. In athletics, the use of doping drugs is illegal, and the anti-doping tests are usually performed to ensure that there are no cases of cheating in the sports world. The use of such cases affects the professionalism in the sports world, and this affects the way sports are being taken in the society. Therefore, as much as there is a lot of money and other incentives in the sports industry, corruption and the embezzlement of funds is a major concern that may affect the viability and the application of progress in the industry. Corruption affects the whole concept of sports and may even lead to the failure of the system.

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As the tenets of corruption increases are the same way that sports are seen as less productive and hence this leads to the failure of the sports industry in the quest to make it a perfectly competitive economy. The countries with a well-established sports system, on the other hand, cannot compete with some countries with fake or with corruption-riddled sports systems. The competitiveness between such countries and the impacts that corruption and mismanagement of sporting events and other facilities make it for the sports to effectively compete with other sectors of the economy comfortably and with ease (Bortland 78). Without special facilities and other resources, the sporting field cannot fully develop and hence this is a major issue that may affect the functionality and success of the sports in the society.

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