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It talks about the war that took place in Cuba while Spain had colonized Cuba where America had an interest in. At this time America was trying to industrialize itself from the agriculture sector to industrialize urban and multi-ethnic society. This is because America was a small power, had a weak navy and military and was therefore not viewed as a regional giant. America had encountered Great War against herself just a generation before. The United States civil war that ended in 1865 had led to the great separation between the northern and the southern part. It is after this war that America started developing. Telegraph and the means of messaging became almost instantaneous. The media also grew into a political press. Winston Churchill ones said never let a good crisis go to waste. This means that you could do things which you could not otherwise do in times of crisis. For instance, conspiracy theory applies in a case where crime occurs and one tries to check who the beneficiary is. Roosevelt had a country where it was difficult to declare war without a good reason to do so. He wanted to make use of good crisis. The 911 attacks changed the course of America and the entire world policymaking. They marked as a startup of new atmosphere and style in America which the historians have dabbed as American history. While he was the chief of staff during Obama administration, Rahm Emanuel made a statement that people who had weak stomachs should not watch sausages being made.

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This statement made the media to crucify him. What did it mean to the Europeans? The American Peril led to the development of Science in Europe. The Darwin theory was however exploited which was part of science development. This is because the Europeans viewed themselves superior. Revolutionaries who were in the field were viewed as the fish, and the people who supported them were seen as the ocean. The only way to catch a fish is by draining the ocean, and that was the reason for burning the plantations to overcome the rebels. The American peril also meant war between the Americans and the Spanish. They were involved in ships fighting. The U. It was difficult to visualize America with immigrants who did not practice the American culture like religion. This led to many immigrants settling in America which led to the influx of different cultures in America.

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It also meant that Americans had to pay the price of losing their land. Mexico lost their property to the Europeans who came and settled in their land. Again, for America to look great, it should have gotten into the business of colonies. America had previously agreed that they could live with Spain in Cuba. America feared though because Spain was weak and it would give up Cuba to other European powers, yet the Americans had an interest in it. This caused a significant problem for the Americans, and they would often cross paths with Spain who were trying to create a revolution in Cuba. If Spain got rid of Cuba, then the United States had to have it. There was a loophole though that had not been overseen, ‘what would happen if Cuba overthrew Spain.

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This meant that there was going to be a conflict between the Americans, Cubans and the Spanish people. Cuba was therefore in a crisis such as taxation without direct representation which the Americans had experienced and would not turn a blind eye to it. Cubans in America piled up pressure against the U. S. government to end Spain colonization in America. Vale, Vivian.  The American Peril: Challenge to Britain on the North Atlantic, 1901-04. Manchester University Press, 1984. Eckstein, Susan.  The immigrant divide: How Cuban Americans changed the US and their homeland.

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