Why cultural competence is important

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People from different origins, culture, ethnic race or religion have different cultures hence they depict different behaviours and believes. When such individuals are brought to work in the same organization, they bring about the cultural diversity in the said organization. For the workers to be able to work together in harmony cultural competency must be there. Cultural competency can be said to be the preparedness of an individual to work with people from different backgrounds either racially, economically, religiously, ethnically or even culturally. Cultural competency occurs when people within an organization respects and honour other people's cultural diversity. This ensures that respect is maintained within the organization which makes every employee feel that he or she is in the right place.

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Interaction among the employees is also improved by cultural competency in organizations due to the respect that is brewed in between the workers. (Daft) Increasing cultural competency is key to the success of an organization. Increasing the cultural competency in an organization can be done through five main steps that are discussed below. The first step towards increasing cultural competency in an organization is to unearth organizational cultural diversity problems. The top management in an organization should always demand the feedback from the teams that are responsible for solving the problems of diversity. This will allow for evaluation progress on increasing cultural competency in organizations hence making it better. The last step in increasing cultural competency is to keep and maintain the will to increase cultural competency in the organization.

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