Why Do Managers Hate the Performance Evaluation

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For the employees, it enables them to understand whether they are achieving or not. Also, they can know where they should make changes. For the organization, it can know whether it has employed the skills required for a certain post (Aguinis, 2013). Also, they can make changes where necessary and be in a position to achieve their objectives. However, not all managers agree with the idea behind of performance evaluation. In most cases, managers are just provided with protocols by which staffs are evaluated. As a matter of fact, with all these shortcomings, this process creates an environment of big frustrations and anxiety. At the workplace, there are various traits that effective managers are expected to demonstrate: leadership quality; an effective manager should demonstrate a sense of leadership quality such as being able to communicate and listen to his or her juniors (Jenter & Kanaan, 2015).

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Fair decision maker; an effective manager should always portray the capability of being a fair decision maker. Being partial to some of the employees is valuable, and this trait helps managers to demonstrate a sense of fairness in making a decision regarding their employees. Thus, effective managers are expected to demonstrate the ability to communicate with their employees all through. Communication helps the manager to communicate the mission statement even to the lowest ranked employee. According to Ahmed et al. (2013), the evaluation process is essential to the wellbeing of not only the business but to the employees as well. However, successful employee evaluation process is expected to exhibit some key elements. Also, records help in tracing the performance of every employee.

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When carrying out a performance evaluation, the manager is required to prepare for the event before starting. To begin with, the manager should begin by setting up performance expectations and objectives (Aguinis, 2013).  This is where the hiring of employees is conducted, and their job description is well outlined of what they are expected to achieve by the end of the year. The expectations should be discussed among the employees and the managers, and the employees should be reminded on time to time basis. Despite the managers being the best individuals to conduct the evaluation, they should also utilize feedback from other parties like the organization clients, supervisors, other employees as well as other managers. This can be conducted on an informal and regular basis.

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