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Further, more foodbanks are being set up by different organization while the old organizations are extending their capacity to hold more food in the stores. The increase in the level of food held in the foodbanks is evidenced from the statistics collected between 2015 and 2016 and that that has been collected recently. Between 2015 and 2016, there were around 49370 hand out of food from the foodbanks which is significantly lower than the statistics collected recently that read at 52540 hand out of foods (Downing, et al. The data collected by Trussell Trust indicate that there is a continuous increase in the level of foodbanks in Birmingham (Downing, et al. Therefore, it is worthwhile finding out the reason why there is an increase in the number of foodbanks in Birmingham.

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In Birmingham according to Garthwaite (2016), food banks are mostly owned by non-governmental organizations which volunteer to provide and distribute food to the consumers and the retailers. Notably, the author consider the largest foodbank in the world to be based in UK which is coordinated and organized by Trussell Trust. Trussell Trust according to Garthwaite (2016) is the largest network containing more than 400 foodbank banks in the UK. According to a church action carried out in 2013, it indicated that more than 500000 people in the UK are dependent on the foodbanks. Considering the report presented by Garthwaite (2017), the use of food banks had been increasing continuously in Birmingham from 2005. Material deprivation and physical disability has also been considered as the cause of the increase in the number of foodbanks (Edmiston 2017).

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What Are Your Chosen Data Collection Methods? Why Are These Most Appropriate? The major method for collecting data during the research will include secondary sources where the data will be collected from the reports carried out on number of foodbanks and consumers using the foodbanks. Also, the data will also be collected from scholarly articles containing relevant information of the increase in foodbanks. The secondary data collection method will be appropriate in collecting the data since it will reduce the time taken to collect, clean and analyze the data. Considering that the secondary data is cleaned and standardized, the process of analyzing the data and making inferences will take a considerably low among of time. Also, the sample of the research match the target population- the people surveyed to achieve the objectives of the research will indicate the cross-section of the target population.

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The target population will be representative of the target population (Sullivan). Also, the process of collecting the data will be random without self-selection of the individuals participating in the research to reduce the rate of biasness. However, since random collection of data from the target population attracts people who are not the target population of the research, screening will be utilized. Screening will include using questions that can only be answered by the target population only (Sullivan). However, it is also noted that multiple relations are not unethical as long as they do not pose an effect on the data collected. Also, the researcher will ensure that the participants of the research volunteer to the research and that they are not forced to participate in the research.

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Therefore, the research process will follow the consent process which will ensure that the participants of the research are well aware of their role and the benefits of participating in the research (Geoffrey 2006). The participants of the research will have all the information that concern the project including all the information that is bound to influence their decision to participate in the research. The researcher will also ensure that their view does not inform the information related to the project that would explicit the intention of the participant. However, the project curbs the limitation of validity resulting from secondary source through including primary sources in the research that ensures informed data is used in the research. Therefore, the overall strength of the project is sustained by the use of primary sources.

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