Why the period of 1830 and 1920 might be considered modern in America

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Due to the great revolution that occurred, the period seemed to people to be the current times. This paper provides the in-depth discussion on the reasons for the above assumption that during the industrialization period they were living in the modern times. Before the industrialization period, the American industry mostly relied on agriculture. Due to limited means of production, many people used to work on farms. The population of people in the cities had not grown since in the cities there were no tremendous on employment activities. Even though production of goods and services was taking place, the output had tended to stagnate constant with the production of past generations. Agriculture remained to be the key economic whereby people worked in the rural farms and the wages were poor, poor farming and production techniques in farms was the case. The period in between 1830 to 1920 in the history of America saw an increase in the output of goods and services. The growth was greater than the previous decades. New inventions of machines were introduced which boosted the production levels in the country. The inventions marked the beginning of shifting from the agricultural based sector economy to industrialized nations. The invention of machines and new farming techniques made farmers to expand their farms and use of sophisticated machines to increase their farm out (Feichtinger et al. Due to the upsurge of technology, the farm outputs increased tremendously because people changed their farming outputs; hence, the growth of the produce was high than in the past generations.

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Increased productivity and invention of new technologies in the agricultural sector made many think that the period of industrialization they were living in the modern times. Industries emerged which prompted many people to shift from provision of labor in rural farmlands and moved to the urban centers to look for jobs in the industries. The emergence of new means of production other than agriculture made many people believe they were living in modern times (Schneider-Mayerson 527-540). The industrialization led to urbanization in America. The economy of the country began to shift from agriculture to industries. One of the key advantages of the emergence of the industries in America was that back then the colonial masters had already secured colonies in other continents like Africa. By having their colonies that proved to be a good opportunity to access raw materials for their industries, which did cost them any financial resources.

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For instance, the rail transport was invented, which facilitated effective and efficient movement of goods and services and transportation of people. The rails also linked different trading centers in the United States. Development of infrastructure is one of the key achievements in the industrialization era boosted and contributed greatly to economic growth. It made the United State be at par with other countries around the globe who were also industrialized. Improved communication and transport made the emergence of more industries and corporations possible. In addition, there was an emergence of conservation groups, which were out to address the issue of pollution and environment conservation. According to Baten, the immigrants who had migrated to the America who later acquired citizenships some forming the black Americans due to the revolution were allowed to participate in voting and choosing their leaders (Baten 55-77).

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Even though the period had many positive changes on modern revolution; it made women be subjected to men and were allowed to have less participation in the public spheres and their participation in income generating activities was highly constraint. Before the industrialization period, the families were very united, they did not witness division of duties based on gender but with the new era, the situation changed. The situation becomes worse they were faced with challenges like less pay than men in workplaces were after performing the same tasks as men. Capitalism led to increased completion high quantity of goods and services in America. Conclusion In summary, although the new era of industrial revolution in America had some negative effects on residents, the positive consequences of the industrial revolution cannot be underscored.

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From modern revolution, an invention of industries, machines, energy sources, economic growth and stability, urbanization, trade citizens. The benefits that occurred in the 18th and 19th centuries greatly contributed to the development of the United States. The period brought along more advanced ways of working, sophisticated machines and technologies which made production work easier and overall the inventions and the positive changes led to better and efficient and effective production of goods and services. Necrocracy in America: American Studies Begins to Address Fossil Fuels and Climate Change. American Quarterly 67.

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