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It was initially published in 1920 subject to numerous adjournments and editorial modifications a number of which were as a result of controversy related to his earlier novels on the sexual subject matter. My selection of this novel relates to problems of instinctual desires which in the long run usually costs us and brings suffering as depicted clearly in the novel. in the novel, there are several instances where we see people with a desire for relationships but they don't get what they want after getting in those relationships. These arise the anger and emotions and the desire to get what they want with force or else they revenge back. It is seen when fights and anger arise when in and out of relationships.

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In the course of the story or novel, instincts of humans are epitomized as difficult to predict and powerful desires that bring about forms of repression. Theme Women In Love generally is a story that is narrated by sisters Gudrun and Ursula with their respective lovers Gerald Crich and Rupert Birkin. It also narrates the erotic attraction that is between them. In their common estimation for art and for institutions and modern values between Lawrence and Rupert Birkin, there is an unspoken affiliation "It is not true. We are not broken fragments of one whole […] The sex is that which remains in us of this mixture. Modern love is among the aspects that symbolism explains in his book. Use of animals is one of the symbols used in this book.

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A wolf is one animal that has been used to symbolize the internal fights that individual face as they try to choose between their lovers and their society. Gerald is referred as a wolf when he sees the wedding. By trying to control his anger Ursula and Gudrun are alarmed and this symbolizes a struggle over passion which is violent. In relationships, it is wise to be patient and to control our emotion which is one of the big lessons I have learned. Additionally, I have learned that we do not get everything we desire in life and the book has in sighted me that although sometimes relationships are complicated, us as the parties involved we also contribute in complications. I have also learned that relationships grow quickly so al love and we should be careful when getting into them.

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