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Upon conclusion, the paper acknowledged that the government is doing good to regulate diversity workplace diversity. Introduction The way diversity was defined in the past is not the way organizations define it today. Differences that were considered were shallow is some way hence causing this change. Diversity in workplace nowadays is related to generation, veteran, disability status, gender, and work styles while only race, ethnicity, and sex were considered in the past. All organizations should have policies to create a diverse force, and the policies should be created with attention to employment and labor laws and with human resources knowledge to ensure the policies are aimed at making the workforce productive. Workplace diversity can also be created in a workplace by ensuring that managers are employed or promoted based on their accomplishment, this will motivate diversity to all levels of the company.

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Diverse management will ensure that the company does not operate based on favors hence the subordinates will be hired and supervised without fairly (Embrick, 2011). Diversity training, employees should occasionally be trained to ensure they understand the need for diversity in the workplace. Continuous diversity training explains the legal consequences of workplace discrimination to the employees, discouraging them to discriminate against anyone. It also teaches them how to benefit from others’ differences and experiences and how to work together. The different skills are retained in the company since employees learn from each other making the company competitive in the long run. When employees are happy with the working environment, they will create loyalty, which will always drive them to achieve their goals and improve the company always.

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Ashikali & Groeneveld claimed that, heterogeneous groups in diverse workplaces fertilize one another in a company hence increasing creativity (2015). Employees who come from different backgrounds are equipped with skills and know-how of solving different solutions. As different solutions are raised to solve a common problem, chances of reaching to the right solution are increased. The environment is not exactly attractive and fun since one needs to tread carefully always and this may reduce employees’ morale. Tatli insisted that, one of the main policies that improve diversity in the workplace is continuous training which is very expensive since it is not the usual training (2011). Companies invest in lectures, seminars, and programs which are designed to make the employees promote diversity in the workplace.

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This becomes an additional cost to the company, and as the company continues to hire more employees, it needs to train them too hence spending more money since such training is essential for unity to be realized in a workplace. Importance of Government Regulation of Workplace Diversity The government helps regulate workplace diversity which is a great thing because some employers are discriminatory and without laws forbidding them they can be mistreating other people. Conclusion Workplace diversity is the act of hiring and retaining employees from different cultures and background not considering their differences but their experience and skills. Diversity makes employees work together with the aim of achieving the set goals without considering their backgrounds or cultures; this increases productivity.

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Governments help control discrimination, and they also protect those who act against discrimination. Discrimination creates hatred in a workplace hence diverting the attention of employees from working happily, they tend to outdo each other. Diversity helps bring these workers together and make them understand the need for having differences and how to use the differences positively like in solving problems.  Gender & Society, 25(6), 764-786. http://journals. sagepub. com/doi/abs/10. 1177/0891243211424741 Embrick, D.  Employee Relations, 33(1), 22-39. https://www. emeraldinsight. com/doi/abs/10. 1108/01425451111091636 Hofhuis, J. Best practices in diversity management in customer service organizations: an investigation of top companies cited by Diversity Inc.  Cornell Hospitality Quarterly, 54(2), 124-135. http://journals. sagepub. com/doi/abs/10. 1177/0021886308314460 Stone, K. V. , & Arthurs, H. (Eds.  Rethinking workplace regulation: Beyond the standard contract of employment.

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