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However, zooming can be divided into two categories; zooming in and zooming out. Zoom in refers to the skill of the author to convey the big picture first and then proceed to focus on an object or the person targeted to focus on (Kanter, 2011). On the other hand, zoom out refers to the skill of the author to depict the small part of an object, event or person and then provide more salient features relating the object, person or the event. Therefore, the following essay will strive to demonstrate my understanding of the ability to zoom in and zoom out in terms of making decisions. Also, the essay will focus how the skill of zooming enhances the writing skills of the author.

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Any leader who is fond of operating under zooming in tends to restrict the flow of information and therefore the inputs of other employees in the organization are likely to be overlooked especially at the time of the decision making. Another setback that is associated with zooming in approach is that it can increase employees’ turnover since in most cases their channels of communication are very ineffective since the entire management is administered by use of patronage system. That means the rewards and promotions are not based on the merit but rather on how close you are to the members of the top management of the organization. Junior employees are not given an opportunity to air the challenges that they face and thus it becomes inevitable for the organization to retain highly skilled employees consequently making the performance of the organization to decline in the long-run.

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I realized that zooming in makes most of the organizations to rely on policies and systems that are formulated based on the internal politics as well as industry knowledge and intuition of the managers. This acts as a precursor to enhancing unity as well as cohesion among the organization’s employees. Demerits of Zooming Out However, there are a number of challenges that are likely to hinder the successful application of the zooming out approach in an organization. First, the top managers might be passionate to use the zooming out approach but the stakeholders of the organization can insist on the immediate outcomes as well as a proof that the approach will succeed. Most of the stakeholders are interested in short-term picture thinking that will guarantee immediate returns that will maximize their wealth.

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Thus, as a manager who is determined to employ the concept of zooming out, you need to formulate broad visions that will align with the short-term objectives that will depict an endeavor is feasible. I have learnt that when a leader decides to use the zoom in skill, he is likely to face the challenge of making ad hoc decisions that are motivated by immediate returns, increases employees’ turnover since the employees are neglected at the time of decision making, and also the manager tends to consult those that are close to him. However, zooming enables a manager to bring the details into a fine focus and therefore he or she is able to make decisions that will make the organization to have a competitive advantage.

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