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The purpose of the film was to discover whether or not the children had pre-determined lives due to their backgrounds. The director would return every seven years to analyze the progress the children have made in their lives. Each child had their own opinions about how their future will be. The children who I found most interesting were Suzy and Paul. For this paper, I will observe the different attitudes and behavior of these two children, how these children react to certain situations in their life, and how their behavior has changed throughout their life (Marquis, 45-60). In reply, she says that she has never met one before and has no intentions on meeting one. This means that just like other who belonged in wealthy class did not care about the poor black people.

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Most older, wealthy people only show interest to those who have the same class as them. As a result, Suzy resembles a wealthy person at a young age. Suzy throughout this interview and past interviews seems to be honest, but uninterested in the program. She left school at sixteen and traveled to Paris. At the interview, she was asked about marriage and babies. Suzy says that she has little faith on marriage and not many views on marriage and as for babies she has no intention on having them because she is not fond of them. A remarkable change happens to Suzy at the age of twenty-eight. She was happy and smiling. No matter if you're poor or rich we all end up being similar and want the best for the future (Holdsworth and Karen 184-196).

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Paul Paul is a boy who by 7 was a boy being educated through charity in a boarding school because he was a poor boy whose parents had divorced. Immediately after 7 up his stepmother and father migrated to Australia. After this scenario, Paul lived in Melbourne for many years. Paul was not interested in education because at one point he was asked if he had any plans of going to university and laughed off the matter and wanted to know the meaning of a university. For example, at one point he became a bricklayer and later he established a business which finally came to fail. However, the fact that people are poor it does not mean that they cannot enjoy and live a happy life.

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