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However, the development of a disease in the mind of an individual can affect the person in later days, if a proper medication system is not adopted. A disorder that changes the way people behave, thinks and feels is called schizophrenia (Frith, 2014). The treatment of the disease is only done to prevent the occurrence of the symptoms of the disease. The disease may arise due to the interactions with the environmental conditions as well as the genetic makeup of the individual and hence implying that there are no specific causes of the disease. Individuals with such condition are seen to have lost touch with the reality. B can get a proper medication that can assist with dealing with his condition, although the treatment of the disease cannot be done at such a time.

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Therefore, his career is most likely to be affected by the disease. In working towards his career goals, there are some challenges and issues that Mr. B might face. One of the problems includes the presentation of a disorganized speech during the department meetings as welling as showing bad behaviors to the people that he interacts with. Conclusion Schizophrenia is a condition that affects the way the individual thinks or behaves. The cause of the disease can be due to the interaction of various environmental factors, or even as a result of gene mutations. It is thereby a challenge to Mr. B over his nursing career because it might affect the way in which he interacts with the customers. However, there is no prescribed medication for a cure of the disorder, but drugs are given to prevent the occurrence of its signs and symptoms.

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