A Critique of Why the Gasoline Engine Isnt Going Away Any Time Soon

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In the article published in the Wall Street Journal in 2008, “Why the Gasoline Engine Isn’t Going Away Any Time Soon,” Joseph B. White discusses how gasoline engines are unlikely to be replaced by alternative fueling engines. White suggested that consumers will continue to buy gasoline engine cars due to its cost-efficiency and reliability, regardless of the media reports (White, 2008). The article was intended to be persuasive, but the writing style changed to be informative as the author altered his perspective on the subject matter. Due to the lack of credible sources, the contents were unclear and seemed confusing as White failed to stay on topic. White claims, automakers will not be able to produce a more efficient hybrid or eco-friendly engine due to lag in technology and consumers’ preferences that leads to a high demands for the gasoline engine cars (White, 2008).

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He then contradicts himself and defends the hybrid automakers claiming there is “already a century of investment in the electric grid” (White, 2008). In his attempts to convince the reader that eco-friendly options are not beneficial, White made many positive references to the hybrid engines. Another contradicting claim is that manufacturers of alternative fueled engines are not successful in creating a more fuel-efficient and reliable engine; though, White urges for auto makers to focus on improving the gasoline engine instead of trying to replace it (White, 2008). Thereafter, the tone of the article changes as the author altered his perspective and no longer supports his initial argument. The article was written in the Wall Street Journal, which its audience is composed of intelligent individuals with a background in investing, oil, and auto industries - people less concerned with hard facts and more on opinions.

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Not having credible sources made it seem that White was writing using opinions and personal feelings using pathos. To win supporters of eco-friendly alternative vehicles, White commended the advancements of hybrid engines using logos. White seemed to jump around from one point to another as he was not organized in his arguments. The contents were confusing as he failed to stay on topic. purdueglobal. edu/central/docview/399108934?accountid=34544 Peer review The student offers a proper organization of the material as required by the critique. This is in the way that he talks about the overall message that is provided by the author. Then, he discusses it in the light of his ability to understand and believe the content of the original information. Moreover, the piece is easy to understand since he provides a clear explanation of the facts and analysis of the presented information.

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As such, the best thing to have done would be to structure the essay in a way that transitions from the aspect of the revolution that is expected. It can be followed by the causes of the revolution and the way that they are bound to affect the citizens. The other idea would be about the counterargument regarding the revolution and its possibility. Then, the analysis and the presentation of the information by the author to indicate whether the writer agrees with the points or not would make the essay more logical and easy to understand. In terms of the citation, the student makes use of proper APA citations and distributes them appropriately throughout the essay. Although they are repeated from time to time, the author makes them clear and provides a clear explanation for each of them.

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The evidence is provided by evaluating the use of sources and the ability by the initial author to stick to a particular point. Thus, when he says that his point is not clear and credible, it can be understood by the readers as well. In this case, most of the elements included are relevant and significant in the overall discussion. In this case, this strength is extended to the conclusion which clearly summarizes the discussion.

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