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In your study, you will use the skills of Observation, Interpretation, Correlation, and Application that you have become familiar with through your reading in Everyday Bible Study. I. Observation A. I have read Luke 10:38-42 in both a formal translation (KJV, NKJV, NASB, ESV, or CSB) and a functional translation (NIV, NLT, or NCV). Highlight the correct answer. The story is told in a linear fashion, trying to illustrate the chronology of events as they happen. While Martha fulfills the expectations of hospitality as a host, Jesus praises Mary. C. List basic observations about this passage using the “Key Question” for observation. Remember to consult the list of items from the observation section in studying the Gospels in Chapter 36. II. Interpretation A. Determine the author’s main point. In 1-2 paragraphs (100-400 words) explain what you think the author is trying to communicate in this passage.

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Remember to take into consideration that this passage includes a conversation that Jesus has with Martha. You should be able to express this principle in 1-3 sentences. The main principle from the passage is the value of love for God with all our heart, mind and soul. III. Correlation A. How does this passage from Luke’s Gospel fit within the metanarrative of the Bible? State what type of story you believe this to be (creation, fall, redemption, or new creation) and explain why you believe this to be so.  Where is the principle discovered in this Old Testament narrative found elsewhere in the Scriptures? Your explanation should be 1 paragraph (100-200 words) in length. The principle on love is repeated throughout the scriptures both in the old andnew testament. A typical illustration of love in the new testament is in John 3:16, where God loved the world and gave his begotten son, for the salvation of mankind.

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This is a clear illustration of how God laid off the only son that he valued. In the old testament, there are passages that demonstrated God’s love, even after their rebellion to God. The ministry of Jesus revolved around love. IV. Application What points of application can be made using the Four Questions for Application? State and explain 1 point of application for each of these four questions. Your explanation for each of these points should be 1 paragraph (100-200 words) in length. A. They should always purpose to do right regardless of whatever circumstance or humiliating situations they go through. Believers should serve as benchmark to others, demonstrating their integrity, and seeking to understand others. They should be consistent in their actions, doing what is biblically acceptable. Their character should inspire others and drag them into the desire of knowing Christ.

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They should not judge others regardless of how wrong they may be perceived to be, cultivate love. They should be able to distinguish right from wrong. They should be able to avoid what is wrong, and do what is expected of them from the teachings. They should be led by the spirit in doing what is right. They should act out of love, through conviction of what is right. Discernment is important, as it will help a Christian avoid judging others wrongly.

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