Sitcom script based on millers tale

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Meet John, a carpenter in his middle ages, and married to a younger wife Alison. He is naïve and generous in some way but doesn’t to understand how he makes stupid mistakes. ACT 1 John was working on his carpentry at his shop when a young and handsome young man approached. His name was Nicholas. NICHOLAS: hello sir! (he said nervously unable to maintain eye contact with the man. NICHOLAS: Sir you won't even know that am there. JOHN: so, do you make yourself invisible? Because I would like to hire someone with your talents. NICHOLA: Please sir you know what I mea…. JOHN: ok, ok but just so you know, I don’t like people starring at my wife all the time.

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NICHOLAS: trust me, she won’t even look at me twice. She welcomes home as usual. ALISON: good evening my husband. JOHN: good evening sweetheart how was your day? ALISON: Just as usual although I was bored just I little bit before you came home. oh! and who is your cute friend? JOHN: his name is Nicholas. And just to be clear, you are not to call him cute again. NICHOLAS: does he give everyone a hard time all the time? He has been some pain in the “ area” since we met. ALISON: behind that stubbornness in him lies his undying love for me. NICHOLAS: is there a way you can squeeze some of that love out and give it to me? …because trust me I almost cursed during our conversations on our way home.

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ALISON: (laughing and leading Nicholas to the ding table at the same time. ) no you will be alright. NICHOLAS: (wrapping his hands around her) please Alison, just love or else I will die. ALISON: (writhing fast away) I will not even kiss you. You can go ahead and die as you wish. NICHOLAS: I promise to love you until the end of my days if you dedicate yourself to love me as well. ALISON: but my husband is very jealous and he is going to be angry at me when he finds out. ABSOLON: (singing) now dear lady, if you could only take pity on me, love me and I shall love you back. JOHN: (his voice full of anger and frustration) isn’t that Absolon chanting beneath our chamber wall? ALISON: yes, it is him, I can clearly recall his rusty voice.

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JOHN: what are you trying to tell me? Has he been singing to you while am gone? ALISON: (Stammering) no no no…. he. he. ALISON: was it a special case because you were not only urinating but also… JOHN; hey, hey hey, woman. What part of ‘last time’ don’t you understand? ALISON. : okay let's go to sleep but don’t be so hard on Nicholas he is just our guest. ALISON: good night John. JOHN: since when do you call me John. NICHOLAS: don’t scare me like that I almost thought that you never loved me. ALISON: (smiling) I knew you were going to be scared. NICHOLAS: then why did you do it. ALISON: Because I wanted to scare you.

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NICHOLAS: now listen to me. JOHN: Alright I swear in the name of Christ Jesus that I will take your information seriously and abide by it. NICHOLAS: do you remember during the time of Noah when God saved him from a big flood but everyone else died during the flood? JOHN: no, I was not there. NICHOLAS: are you serious? JOHN: of course I was joking. I read the bible for Christ’s sake. NICHOLAS. ALISON: He doesn’t deserve my love, does he? ABSOLON: (singing from a distant) please give me a kiss by love I would like to only kiss you. ALISON: Okay you can come close and kiss me through the window. NICHOLAS: what are you doing. ALISON: relax, I am not going to kiss him.

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