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Meet John, a carpenter in his middle ages, and married to a younger wife Alison. He is naïve and generous in some way but doesn’t to understand how he makes stupid mistakes. ACT 1 John was working on his carpentry at his shop when a young and handsome young man approached. His name was Nicholas. NICHOLAS: hello sir! (he said nervously unable to maintain eye contact with the man. He was fidgeting and making drawings on the ground. JOHN: Hello, how can I help you; young man. NICHOLAS: I was walking around in the neighborhood an I observed that you are here doing your nice work as usual. JOHN: and does that give you permission to interrupt me at my work just to tell what you have realized. Do you know that everyone observes different things all the time but those things do not make them interrupt other people’s daily activities? NICHOLAS: Sir there is no need to get angry I was just interested in your daily work and how hard you work to enhance the beauty of life. JOHN: what exactly do you think is beautiful around here. NICHOLAS: that classic chair, aww! Look at how beautiful that bed is: JOHN:(interrupting) what do you want. NICHOLAS: I observed that you have a big house and……. JOHN: and what? NICHOLAS: I was wondering if you could allow me to live with you for some time. JOHN: I live with my wife and in most cases, we like it when our privacy is respected.

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NICHOLAS: Sir you won't even know that am there. JOHN: so, do you make yourself invisible? Because I would like to hire someone with your talents. NICHOLA: Please sir you know what I mea…. JOHN: ok, ok but just so you know, I don’t like people starring at my wife all the time. NICHOLAS: trust me, she won’t even look at me twice. She welcomes home as usual. ALISON: good evening my husband. JOHN: good evening sweetheart how was your day? ALISON: Just as usual although I was bored just I little bit before you came home. oh! and who is your cute friend? JOHN: his name is Nicholas. And just to be clear, you are not to call him cute again. NICHOLAS: does he give everyone a hard time all the time? He has been some pain in the “ area” since we met.

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ALISON: behind that stubbornness in him lies his undying love for me. NICHOLAS: is there a way you can squeeze some of that love out and give it to me? …because trust me I almost cursed during our conversations on our way home. ALISON: (laughing and leading Nicholas to the ding table at the same time. no you will be alright. NICHOLAS: (wrapping his hands around her) please Alison, just love or else I will die. ALISON: (writhing fast away) I will not even kiss you. You can go ahead and die as you wish. NICHOLAS: I promise to love you until the end of my days if you dedicate yourself to love me as well. ALISON: but my husband is very jealous and he is going to be angry at me when he finds out.

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ABSOLON: (singing) now dear lady, if you could only take pity on me, love me and I shall love you back. JOHN: (his voice full of anger and frustration) isn’t that Absolon chanting beneath our chamber wall? ALISON: yes, it is him, I can clearly recall his rusty voice. JOHN: what are you trying to tell me? Has he been singing to you while am gone? ALISON: (Stammering) no no no…. he. he. ALISON: was it a special case because you were not only urinating but also… JOHN; hey, hey hey, woman. What part of ‘last time’ don’t you understand? ALISON. okay let's go to sleep but don’t be so hard on Nicholas he is just our guest. ALISON: good night John. JOHN: since when do you call me John.

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NICHOLAS: don’t scare me like that I almost thought that you never loved me. ALISON: (smiling) I knew you were going to be scared. NICHOLAS: then why did you do it. ALISON: Because I wanted to scare you. NICHOLAS: now listen to me. JOHN: Alright I swear in the name of Christ Jesus that I will take your information seriously and abide by it. NICHOLAS: do you remember during the time of Noah when God saved him from a big flood but everyone else died during the flood? JOHN: no, I was not there. NICHOLAS: are you serious? JOHN: of course I was joking. I read the bible for Christ’s sake. NICHOLAS. ALISON: He doesn’t deserve my love, does he? ABSOLON: (singing from a distant) please give me a kiss by love I would like to only kiss you.

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ALISON: Okay you can come close and kiss me through the window. NICHOLAS: what are you doing. ALISON: relax, I am not going to kiss him. she moves closer to the window and turns around naked) At this point, absolutely gets angry but he says nothing about it. LetterPile. An Analysis of "The Miller's Tale" in Geoffrey Chaucer's "The Canterbury Tales". online] Available at: https://letterpile. com/books/An-Analysis-of-The-Millers-Tale-in-Geoffrey-Chaucers-The-Canterbury-Tales [Accessed 25 Jan. Garden, H.

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