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Furthermore, the paper will briefly discuss the role of the media in dissemination of information as well as the advantages and disadvantages of the PR communication plan, groups involved and PR communication plan’s role in conflict resolution. The Need for Agency to Have a Standardized Communication Plan The agency would need a standardized communication plan for clarity of its objectives and goals so that it stays on track regarding where it would be in future. With this plan the agency is able to clarify its relationships between its stakeholders and shareholders with the materials, activities, channels, and messages. The plan allows the agency to know who it will reach, what it will communicate to them, and how to reach the audiences (Turner, 2003). Besides, it is through communication plan that the agency will identify the characteristics of its audiences and come up with the best way to communicate to them.

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Every television station in Asia was in competition to reveal the new developments about the case. This entailed finding the victims, the perpetrations, and the number of those affected. According to Oboolo (2011), certain farmers had been identified and on the arrival of the virus in France, consumers had already boycotted poultry. Therefore, the media attracts the attention of the public by emphasizing on the sensational and emotional. In the motive of influencing the public into showing empathy, the media plays a vital role in influencing the public into making informed decisions such as helping the needy and making informed decision at the ballot box during voting. This may disorient other plans for the agency operations. Moreover, it is not guaranteed that the PR communication plan message will be published by a media even after a thorough press release with the media.

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Besides, an agency may find it difficult to evaluate if the plan is effective or not because even after the message reaches the audience, it is difficult to tell the impact it has had on the audience. PR communication plan is not likely to help in conflict resolution because, it is hard to understand what the audience feels about a course after a relay of information. The audience may have negative feelings or assume things regarding the communicated information but the communicator may be unaware about it. Social Media Methods I would prefer utilizing a profile or account creation and branding in social media so that clients are able to interact with employees directly in case of any complaints, enquiries or orders. Also, having a feedback tab for the social media after a publish content can encourage clients to comment on the agency’s posts and strategies.

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This would make clients feel they are part and parcel of the agency and also encourages loyalty and satisfaction. How Often To Release a Communication Product If it is a blog, I would be releasing communication product after every two weeks and if it is too late, the audience should receive it after a month. For the case of case studies, I would be releasing them on a quarterly basis every year and press releases on a monthly basis. oboolo. com/arts-media/arts/presentation/the-role-of-the-media-in-information-dissemination-80088. html Smith, R. D. Strategic Planning for Public Relations.

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