A Modest Proposal Analysis

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The author says that he is informed by a very knowledgeable American that “a young healthy child when nursed well is a most delicious, nourishing and wholesome food…” (Swift, Jonathan, 207). The introduction of satire in the story is done in a shocking manner with the claims that a one-year-old baby is delicious in whichever way cooked, whether, roasted, boiled, stewed or baked. The extremity of this idea makes it ironical. The fact that the authors claim to acquire the information from a knowing American is an indication the wild barbaric acts of the Americans and their colonies. In another instance, Swift says that " a person who is very worthy, who truly loves his country and with highly esteemed virtues showed great pleasure in the matter discourse thus offering a refinement on the scheme" (Swift, Jonathan, 208).

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Secondly, the narrator points out the idea of class and society by suggesting that the poor should be feed to the rich. Other underlying points in the story include; power, politics, greed, morality, and ethics. Recent literary piece utilizing satire One recent literary piece that utilizes satire is the novel “Huckleberry Finn by Mark Twain”. The author uses satire in several circumstances; first the wonder the need for learning to do right as its troublesome yet it is not while doing wrong but the wages are the same. Secondly, the author uses irony by making claims that no one was in the church except maybe a hog or two since the door wasn’t locked and logs like puncheon floor as its cool during summer.

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