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The play depicts Guy as a stereotypical heterosexual man who is not ready to commit to any of the relationships he gets into. It is difficult to explain why he dumps complex, beautiful and intelligent ladies he meets with in his past. Although he claims to be on a mission of an emotional journey of setting things straight, it appears clearly that his only interest is exploitation of his former girlfriends. In the current society, Guy is a representation of men who hurt their girlfriends through their selfishness and self-absorption minding the feelings of the ladies. Besides, the play succeeds in pitting women and men against one another in the battle of gender but men always find a way to come on top of such situations.

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She gets surprised why he would fly all the way to air their differences after fifteen years, “SAM … instead of fifteen years ago? I mean, you flew all the way here to do this today (LaBute pg 14)?” This represents a naïve relationship that students get into in colleges and emotionally get attached to those who are out to hurt them. Such relationships if not handled well are likely to face their marriages. Tyler, the second girlfriend is the promiscuous and sexy wild girl from Chicago who tries giving Guy all the freedom he needs in his life to satisfy his adventurous nature but he still gets tired of this. She is only interested in having sex with him and nothing serious.

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“TYLER: But I hardly ever do what I’m supposed to … that’s why my friends have a bunch of kids and I have fun! Don’t you like fun? You used to …(LaBute pg 28)”. It teaches nothing about the seriousness of relationships. Lindsay is an old lady, already married and they had an illicit affair. She is a professor and an elder paramount that becomes quite ashamed when her affair with Guy becomes public in the college. However, Guy still abandons her to pick up her broken pieces after the discovery of their scandal, “LINDSAY: You left at the end of that second semester, so … you probably have no idea, I mean, no real sense of how hard things were for me.

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There for a while …after we were spotted (LaBute pg 46)”. ) I do feel bad about what I did to you … my part in all that, but. (LaBute, pg 72)”. Bobbi is a doctor and a sister to one of Guy’s former girlfriends. However, she thinks of her own ex-boyfriend as an emotional terrorist that should be arrested, and she goes ahead to have a trick on Guy for marriage. She gets outraged when she learns of his idea of meeting with his former girlfriends before settling down, “BOBBI: You are looking up old girlfriends! That’s all you’re doing. It generally talks about men who make it a habit to hurt women in every relationship they get into. Besides, the women in the play come out as empowered protagonists and not victims of relationship torture.

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