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In this scene, Shakespeare is successful to express the fear and uncertainty that is prevailing in the kingdom by the presence of the ghost because the son of the king didn't inherit the throne. Act 1: Scene II In this scene, King Claudius addresses the residents of Demark about the death of King Hamlet and his need to marry Gertrude. However, the speech he gives is contradictory because it discusses Claudius superiority. Prince Hamlet is upset due to the demise of his father and frustrated with his mother due to that act of allowing Claudius to marry her. It’s clear that Shakespeare packed lots of ideas in this scene however the main information he wanted to express was the hatred between King Claudius and Prince Hamlet.

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In this scene, Shakespeare is successful to increase the tension in the play and can express that theme of revenge. Act II: Scene I Reynaldo is sent by Polonius to France to spy on Laertes and to bring him some cash. In the other half of this scene, we see a confused and disheveled Hamlet and Polonius believes this madness is due to the extreme lust Hamlet has for Ophelia. Shakespeare can express the theme of deception and truth whereby Polonius goes to the extent of spying on his son despite his awareness that Laertes is obedient and responsible. Also, fraud is expressed by that act forcing Ophelia to act uninterested with Hamlet despite her love for Hamlet. Shakespeare can express the theme of truth and deceit whereby he expresses how Guildenstern and Rosencrantz have changed from being truthful to being deceitful and how Polonius has remained deceitful with the aim of maintaining his reputation.

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Act III: Scene II In this scene, Hamlet performs his play which aims at proving what the ghost had said. As the play unfolds, Horatio is keen observing Claudius reaction, and it happens that in that instance when the king is being poisoned Claudius is unable to bear it and he stands and leaves. It’s clear that Hamlet has confirmed about the murder committed by his uncle and he decides to talk to his mother about the issue. Shakespeare is successful to bring out the theme of revenge in this scene by revealing the zeal and urge Hamlet has to avenge the death of his father. Both Claudius and Gertrude affirms that there is a need to send Hamlet away.

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Guildenstern and Rosencrantz implore Hamlet to tell them where Polonius body but Hamlet is adamant. Shakespeare has achieved to portray deception and greed for power Claudius has with the twist of events he has put into place in these two short scenes. It’s clear that all that Claudius needs is good reputation and it’s also straightforward that Hamlet is confident about his decisions and actions. Act IV: Scene III Hamlet is taken to Claudius and after being implored about the whereabouts of the body he informs them about the location of the corpse using riddles. Shakespeare successfully expressed the turn of events whereby Hamlet does not reach England as per Claudius intention but instead he has returned to Denmark.

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