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The Tofino surfs and Okanagan orchards highly contribute to the title, “Supernatural British Columbia. As result, several tour companies such as The Okanagan’s Original Food Tour2 Company have been established. Having such relevant background information, this paper will explore on a single Okanagan’s signature food reporting on its historical background information, mode of production, sale and consumption. The paper will also torch on how this particular food had enhances sustainable development in the Okanagan region. The signature food of the Okanagan selected is that of Canada Day Cake. On its sides, it is well decorated by use of straw berries. The strawberries acts as a representation of a Maple leaf designed flag of Canada. During Canadian’s celebration day, this cake is a sign of a fitting of the country in the desert.

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The main drive towards the selection of the Canadian’s Day cake cannot be resisted. To begin with, its design is very unique hence being a distinguishing factor from any other cake baked in any part of the world. It is the day marking anniversary in reference to the constitutional Act of 1867. Production of the cake is formally domestic. The nation embraces uses of local products of the country as the Ingredients4 majorly the strawberries and the frosting ones. In the current days, the cake consumption and production is both and family and nation level. Some decide to have the cake as families while in most cases the cakes are baked at national bakeries and later on during the day they are transported by ambulances to the celebration site. In conclusion, for cultural conservation, Canada Day Cake8 is baked in most of Tourist destinations9.

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The main idea aims at showing to the world, how Canadians celebrate their independence10 day in a unique way, its flag made of strawberries on the sides of the cake. The cake is sold at fair prices in which after taxation, the country earns foreign exchange hence improving other sectors of the economy such as health, education, transport and communication networks. Course terms Cultural- a way of doing things by a particular group of people Canada Day cake- a unique designed meal that is very important in July 1st every year as Canada celebrates its independence Independence- a condition in which an individual or a state can make a decision on their own Celebrations- a process in which people come together to observe several life events such as feasts and holidays Tour- making a visit to different parts of the world Ingredients- items that are to be used in preparations of a certain meal Patriotic- a way of showing love and ready to serve one’s country Region- a section on the earth’s surface Food- any solid thing that is fit to be consumed by a living thing Destinations- usually is an end point of a journey Work cited Singh, Maleeka, Kavita Walia, and Jeffrey M.

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