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The result of all these is a world that is full of several mechanisms for ensuring cybersecurity. This article evaluates the world with cybersecurity, discusses its challenges, approaches, ethical implications, and current trends. Introduction In the current era, it is possible to send messages, share links, videos, audio, documents, and other content instantly by the use of advanced technologies. The utilization of ubiquitous computing has also accelerated the pace of sharing such information (Guttierrez, 2017). Mobile or laptop users do not have to be in a particular place to share videos or documents. This discussion has its basis on the fact that all internet users and every other person have to obtain sufficient training on the best practices in the usage of information technology and system's applications (Sentinel One, 2019.

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History of Cyber Security The concept of cybersecurity traces back to a study that Bob Thomas carried out during which he noted that computer programs could move across networks and leave small trails (Cobb, 2017). The researcher named one of the programs that could move across networks as Creeper, and he designed it in a way that it could travel between various terminals and type a particular message (Cobb, 2017). Ray Tomlinson later liked the idea. Tomlinson is the one who was responsible for inventing email. The crimes which one can commit within the networks comprise of viruses and various forms of intrusions. The standard definition of cybercrime is merely the utilization of computers and the internet in the commission of a crime.

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When someone uses the internet to conduct illegal business, it qualifies for the definition of cybercrime. Cybercrime is this not limited to a breach of privacy and access to unauthorized information but entails all processes that use the internet or computer for the wrong purposes. The definition of cybercrime is essential in gauging the status of cybersecurity to know if the world has adequate security or not. Because many forget about the possibilities of intrusion when accessing financial and other critical services, they allow malicious individuals to easily access sensitive information that can be used in the propagation of other crimes such as bank robbery, terrorism, and several others. Cybercriminals target social media and bank transactions. The main reason for the vulnerability of these sites is that not all the users are aware of the dangers they are exposed to when using the tools.

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That makes them vulnerable to numerous attacks since malicious individuals can easily access their data. A world that has adequate cybersecurity implies that it is safe from the mentioned crimes. For individuals to protect private data and other significant information, the security of web services has to be protected. That is an indication of the fact that advancement in the web servers requires additional security measures. Cloud Computing and Different Services Cloud computing is beneficial in many ways. It is one of the ways to prevent loss of data when both the offsite and onsite data centers are destroyed. It also ensures easy access to information by several individuals within a short period. Since the loopholes in cybersecurity, it is essential to look at the techniques used to provide security for the users and systems administrators in response to the variations in the identified technologies.

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Security Measures Use of Access Control Measures Access control is essential in securing computer systems and the internet. Over time, passwords have been used to allow only authorized access to different sites or data centers. However, it is easy to hack into a system that requires a simple password to access. There have since been advancements such as the two-step verification process for particular sites and devices. One of the ways to augment the indicated mechanisms is by practicing internet or cyber ethics. That is about being individuals of high integrity when in the cyberspace. Educating the users of the internet and computers on the dangers of internet crimes and the ways if avoiding exposure to such can also be helpful in the eradication of many incidences of crimes like hacking, bullying, and many other incidents.

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