Action on smoking and health - championing the concerns of non-smokers

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This is a form of an organization that operates as a health charity group. It is currently being headed by Deborah Arnott, and the Duke of Gloucester as the Chief Executive and patron respectively. Its sole role is to advocate for the rights and the concerns of the non-smokers. In doing this, the group uses various ways just to ensure that the varied health and other personal concerns raised by the non-smoking portion of the society are well taken care of. One of the way being applied by this group is through the use of legal platforms, where it seeks to have specific policies created for the benefit of the target beneficiaries. In May 2012, WHO released some statistical overview concerning the issue of smoking and its effects in the society.

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According to the report, the agency stated that tobacco contains at least 250 chemical components which are actually harmful to human health. More, the number of children who have at least one parent who smokes accounts for over 40%. The implication of this information is that over 40% of children globally are exposed to cigarette smoke. This is such a big concern since in 2004, of the total premature deaths, recorded, 31% was reported to be complications resulting from second-hand or passive smoking. Its recent financial reports that indicate the various receipts are dated from 2011 to 2017. Also, the charity group has received several recognitions globally due to the role it has been playing society. In 2011, ASH was awarded with the WHO World No Tobacco Day Award.

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