Adolescence to emerging adulthood case study

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As the mother is not to blame in these developmental stages, she is a primary influence as well as the primary security for the child that results in trust, feelings and other psychological aspects. Presenting the Challenges and Primary Issues As the lifespan, developmental theories cover many stages in the life span from the childhood stage to adulthood stage, there are many problems or the challenges and issues as well that affect the developmental stages within the life span of a person. In the unit case study of Dean (Blewitt, 2015), Dean’s presenting challenges include not having his biological mother in the home at his age, the theory on developmental stages are identity vs. role confusion (2015). This developmental stage the adolescent should be moving toward adulthood by making choices about values and vocational goals.

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This will result in his inability in setting lifelong goals in adulthood that will also impact his ability to make and keep healthy adult relationships, that will lead to maladjustment in attachment developmental issues (Malekpour, 2007). Lifespan Development Theory Explaining Presenting Challenges The appropriate lifespan developmental theory and research based alternatives that explain the presenting challenges for this unit case study, is the developmental issues that present the growth maintenance theory. This issue which is mainly influenced by nurture, the changing in the individual’s stability that alters the growth stage of the individual. This issue generally focuses on the level of extend under which the development entails the gradual and the cumulative or just the distinct stages. The growth maintenance theory, individuals generally respond to and mainly act on contexts comprising of the biological makeup of their physical nature, cognitive processes, and also the social historical as well as cultural context.

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There would also be intervention for the father and step mother since they are the primary caregivers, that would be educated on the lifespan developmental stages. This would help the adults understand what he is going through and can possibly help him in a smoother transition from adolescent into adulthood (Eddy, n/d). Enumerate the Risks Factors Present in his life The risks that Dean could be facing is a life of disappointing relationships, a history of disobeying the law that could cause long term issues for him as he starts a family of his own. not to include the general disappointments that will be encountered of not generally exploring the globe from the fear that was imparted in him, by his parents of not being supportive or quite encouraging enough in his growth or the developmental stages.

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If Dean would not get the psychological assistance as well as the form of the social support from the willing support groups like the churches or any outside form of support, he would eventually become lonely and quite unhappy individual. This is a part of the life span development, as individuals learn how to make the corrective actions that result in positive outcomes they struggle in trying to understand how to make important decisions. With the right resources that would help not only Dean, but his family as well. They can understand how the developmental stages work as so many families do not have the resources that help them understand this growth period they are faced with the same circumstances and ultimately make the wrong decisions for their child and family.

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