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Such cases offered me a sense of the complexity of this field which to an outsider might seem just as a career where you have to only offer advice and be paid in return. Nonetheless, the desire to intervene when my closest friends and family had personal issues was still intact and in fact, the intricacy of these experiences further compelled me to seek a deeper understanding of human beings and their behaviors which was crucial in finding solutions to these problems. As such, I realized that my desire to be a counselor was beyond the need to offer assistance or being kind and caring but there has been another underlying motivation. History As the society continuously changes, individuals tend to encounter new challenges and most people are likely to be put under stress to meet these new demands.

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Moreover, there are numerous stressful events that individuals of all age and sizes encounter every day. d. The counseling field has its roots in the need to understand the impact of various life events both physically and emotionally such as medical treatment and illnesses on behavior and emotions. Numerous researchers have shown the direct relationship between psychological health and overall wellness. As a result, there needs to be a person to deconstruct behavior and actions and their relationship with experiences, both personal and external. Information or advice was the main forms of counseling before the 1900s. Philosophy of Counselling Over the years, I have constantly endeavored to have a deeper understanding of myself through developing personal assessments and even inquiring from others.

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This interest in seeking self-knowledge has been essential in developing objective judgments to issues and presenting unbiased solutions. Moreover, I have always understood that there needs to a clear distinction between emotions and reason which has been a major motivation to seek more knowledge in this field in order to provide logical solutions to problems while trying to balance both emotions and logic. That being said, it is clear that professional counseling requires more than just passion to assist people but a combination of passion, ability to offer unbiased solutions and the realization of the factors that influence decision-making. Although all careers, particularly social sciences expose professionals too numerous unique challenges, there are some which require more than just an intellectual approach to formulating intervention strategies.

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While training has been essential in my development as a professional counselor, I have realized that I have an underlying desire to constantly learn what the field entails and in the process I have always searched for an extra experience beyond training to promote my service. B. Since embarking on professional counseling I have been able to move from just an advisor to a professional who has to ensure consistency throughout my interaction with people. This consistency has largely been influenced by the standards and principles set by the ACA (Herlihy & Corey, 2014). My ethical identity has been influenced in the following ways: i. As I endeavor to play a role in the field of academia on the counseling subject, I have learned to conduct myself in ethically acceptable behavior such as aligning with existing laws when conducting and publicizing research including prioritizing the welfare of participants.

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vii. There are numerous communication channels which have emerged in the last two decades particularly on technology. As such, I have become aware of the need to exercise ethical behavior as I conduct any counseling-related activity in online communication platforms such as social media in line with Section H. viii. However, they need to have done an exam from a body (depending on the area of specialization within the filed) which is National Board for Certified Counselors (NBCC) approved. The practice needs to be gained within two years. Out of the 1500 hours, a person needs to have accumulated 1350 hours of direct working with patients. The rest of the hours should be under direct supervision whereby at least 67% of the time should be one-on-one interaction with the supervisor (Scstatehouse.

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