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Nevertheless, the goal of studying human mating choices is not just to address the commonly raised philosophical and sociological issues but provide a comprehensive coverage of challenges of sex and mating, which is particularly important since differential reproduction is the driving force behind human evolutionary process. Sex and mating pose adaptive problems and compatibility, hence threatening the evolutionary psychology. Therefore, as noted by Buss(2016), examining problems of mating is a key to understanding human evolution. Nevertheless, men and women continue to exhibit significant differences in mating and friendships. Evidently, human beings are social creatures that are constantly motivated to align with others for the purpose of comfort and a sense of belonging outside of what is derived from their immediate families.

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Visual differences play a significant role in who to feel secure and comfortable with. Another key aspect in mating choices is the duration. Both women and men often exhibit distinct preferences when it comes to short and long term relationships. This aspects highly attributed to human’s differences in short term and long term needs. For instance, women often exhibit different desires compared to men, which eventually affects their mating behaviors. The research methodology involved identification of ads for long term and short term relationships by men and women. The research involved four groups namely: men looking for long term relationship, men looking for short term relationship, women looking for long term relationship, and women looking for short term relationship. Specifically, 40 ads were selected, with each group represented by 10 ads.

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The ads were then analyzed for key words used to describe the qualities desired in long term and short term partners for both gender. A comparative analysis of the key qualities was done to enable deduction of meaningful conclusions and recommendations for human mate choice problems. “I am a 35 year old man looking for a woman that likes to have fun, play around a lot, enjoys sex…. ” – Harold https://www. classifiedads. com/personals_other/2167gsgs913z1 4. “ I am looking for just friends and we'll see where things go. Want to be able to hang out with you in and out of the bedroom. ” – John https://www. classifiedads. com/personals_other/db1xjvdjf1159 7. “I am a lonely married man who is caring and very sexually active.

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com/personals_other/9cwcb6ycj12f5 9. “I Would like to meet female company for some fun this week. ” - TJ Lewis https://www. classifiedads. com/personals_other/5ffc756tq12d4 10. I am new on here and am looking for a serious relationship with a woman that will lead to marriage, only a serious woman. ” – Larry https://www. classifiedads. com/men_seeking_women/x3fdvl1q4131x 3. “I am 51 years old and looking for a serious relationship with a mature woman within the ages of  41- 57 years. – Homer https://www. classifiedads. com/men_seeking_women/3d6fny2c012w3 6. “I am looking for a women who is ready to settle down. A women who is not going to lie, cheat, or steal from me.

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classifiedads. com/men_seeking_women/5zx7dfqtb121d 9. “I am a passionate man looking for an honest woman for a relationship that can lead to marriage, true love and soul mate. I am responsible, trustworthy, affectionate and faithful. ” – James https://www. ” – Elisabeth https://www. classifiedads. com/women_seeking_men/9zf5qwgzp1314 2. “I am looking for Honest, God fearing, loyal, trustworthy and intelligent person. I am looking for something long term relationship that can lead to something good in future. In my opinion a man is a leader in every relationship. My dream is to become his second half and never make him sad. ” – Brenda https://www. classifiedads. com/women_seeking_men/152dhb1tg13z1 5. classifiedads. com/women_seeking_men/3zdbtrq9x11f5 8.

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“I am Friendly and live alone with no children. What I am looking for is Love, respect, friendship. I am looking for kindness and respect in a man, not rudeness. I guess it's time to open my heart to love again. I am looking to meet a man with a good sense of humor and family oriented. I am a romantic woman and fun to be with. I would l like to meet a man that shares similar interests. ”- Elena https://www. classifiedads. com/personals_other/bd4zdvg0d1249 3. “Looking to meet new people and have a good time. Love to be spoiled in every way and to spoil back with attention. If this sounds like something you would like feel to contact me.

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