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It mainly contains the advertising and promotion strategies for the products and services an organization or business offers to its target customers or population. It is an essential effort in administering good sales and continuity of the business operations. Without good marketing strategies an organization or company ought to be undertaking wrong initiatives in its operations and needs to rethink about the strategy. In the healthcare industry, marketing is also necessary in ensuring that the promotion and delivery of healthcare services to the target group are efficient and satisfying to those directed. The aging population has been on the spotlight in provision of the healthcare. It is the issue that is affecting the aging population within this sect and drives to be the curtailing factor in the healthcare provision in the organization for this group.

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The market target ought to be described in terms of even the minimal service attention required. In the organization it seems that the populace of the elderly seem to be selected in terms of this incentive such that the view is they are inconsequential in ascertaining clearly what will be of benefit for tomorrow on their investment. Having the previous marketers also not privy to this information and their short dedication service in this department of marketing, the seclusion and assumption about the healthcare needs of the aging population in this facility has summed up all these controversies surrounding the grouping. It is what has been passed over and lack of interest in changing the alignment of the aging population that has brought these two major underlying problems associated with the group.

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The establishment of promising practice by the involved parties within the organization will help address the issue for the aging population in this section, (Harrington, & Heidkamp, 2013). The initiative here allows to look for an alternative measure that will include a designed program to take care for the healthy needs of this population away from the focused youthful generation. Marketing only using the youthful parameters means that the aging population do not get the designed and supposed measures towards taking care of their health needs and ends up getting the wrong models of healthcare. Designing a model to market for the healthcare of elderly people in such a population invites a solution to discrimination in healthcare services. It is important since the needs of the elderly population differ at longer-heads with what the young generation are prospected.

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Conclusion Marketing will encompass to have the general overview of how the population segment is and what their requirements are as well as the design to approach their needs. In the designation of this program, it has imperative progress of seeing into the discrimination effects directed towards the aging population. The invested time and realization of the existing challenge about this population is also crucial in shaping the marketing department. Given the population healthcare needs and in comparison to what has been given alongside them by previous efforts, it highlights the inefficiency about those programs of marketing highlighted at that time. In the marketing channel, the information is necessary t allow in addressing not only issues of healthcare services related to aging population but also to other sectors that require such special treatment.

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