South Carolina Opioid Crisis

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The prescriptions of opioids claimed approximately a half of the deaths that occurred and this made the drug overdose the primary cause of nation accidental deaths. According to the Society of Addiction Medicine (2015), the prescriptions indicated for opioids were approximately 259 million, this was sufficient for every adult in America to have his/ her own prescription bottle. Moreover, the society presented that out of the fi9ve heroin users four of them begin with the abuse of painkillers which were prescribed and according to the analysis made by the society, in the year 2014, 94% of them started using the heroin since it was inexpensive compared to the opioids. In the year 2015 276,000 adolescents, used the drug in other ways rather than medical purposes and 122,000 of them were found to be addicted.

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Fentanyl is among the most powerful opioid, it’s mainly available for human use. moreover, a new site has been created with information on how to acquire prescription drugs. Donald Trump has also made a declaration that the opioid drug crisis is among the top most public health emergency which is under the federal law. For a policy to be fully executed and implemented there is a need for it to be politically acceptable or it should be feasible. When the analysis of the policy indicates the policy choices, the political costs and threats which may be associated with each can be an essential strategy to make a decision between various alternatives. In the south of Carolina political feasibility have been used to address the epidemic of opioid drugs.

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The drug was manufactured for health purposes i. e. to act as a pain reliever but what he or she did not consider most is the side effects that come along with the use of this drug. Instead of this drug to solve the problem of pain, in turn, it caused more and more problems that are an addiction to the use of this drug which could later result to further health complications of the patient and if not taken care of the patient could die. In the manufacture of drugs, the manufacturer is required by the healthcare laws to manufacture a drug that has fewer side effects in order not to further complicate the health of the patient. Since the year 2014, the following has been signed.

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The first one is the Prescription Monitoring Programme, the program works by submitting daily reports regarding particular controlled substances. The program also plays a major role in providing for authorization delegate. The other policy enacted is South Carolina Overdose Prevention Act, Pharmacists, responder’s immunity, grants physicians, from the civil liability as well as prosecution of the criminals during the prescription, dispensing and administration of naloxone. Controlled substance collectors, this group permit the pharmacies and recommend others to get registration as collection centres for prescriptions of unused drugs. gov/briefings-statements/cea-report-underestimated-cost-opioid-crisis/ Ingraham, C. (2017, December 21). CDC releases grim new opioid overdose figures: 'We're talking about more than an exponential increase'. Retrieved February 16, 2018, from https://www. washingtonpost. A 1980 Letter on the Risk of Opioid Addiction.

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