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However before implementing an ERP system, a needs assessment needs to be carried out in order to give some thought on what changes are necessary and can lead to a positive result after the implementation of the ERP system. Without conducting such an assessment may lead to complications in future that will impact how the systems are selected or are implemented. Here are ways in which assessment of needs can be done: • Evaluating the kind of operations that are run in the firm and determining if the process is efficient or not. If the process is inefficient, will the acquisition of an ERP system be of benefit? • Looking at the firm’s goals, are there any future plans for the expansion of the operations? If there is a plan for expansion then acquiring an ERP system will most definitely be beneficial.

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• Assessing the available resources which will include the number of employees in the firm, the available funds and even the level of staff in terms of technological expertise. • Flexibility- Due to businesses stochastic nature, it may seem like almost impossible to plan for the outcome of the business in the future. Therefore when selecting an ERP system, one should emphasize on a system that will be able to adapt to any unforeseen changes. • Software and functionality match- when carrying out a selection for an ERP system, there may be very good software products being offered by the vendors but they won’t be of any benefit to the firm if their functioning doesn’t match the functioning of the firm. • Cost of the software products as quoted by the different vendors- The cost quoted by the different vendors should be reasonable and also be worthy the capability of the software in terms of what it can do.

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Approach to ERP implementation Implementation of the ERP system is an expensive process that will involve different stages. Under the justification we have the following approaches: Different goals- One of the reasons a firm may want to acquire an ERP system is to increase on the yield and reduce the cost and time of getting work done. Just like any other investment, the yield is not only expected to be in terms of cash but also in terms of a rise in the level of customer services. The process of installation When carrying out a needs assessment, the more likely challenge that the firm is likely to face is the lack of qualified staff in terms of handling the ERP system.

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The approach is handling this matter is either to recruit new staff to come and work on the system or to provide education and training to the employees who will be working with them. Carrying out an observation After the installation of the system, a timeline is created and a record of; daily, weekly and monthly reports kept. With some customization to the system and also on the schedules, the system is likely to give good results and make the whole process a success. References Michael D. Okrent, O. M. ,& Robert f. (UD). Approach to analysis and assessment of ERP system. A software vendor’s perspective. Vol 5. Retrieved from https://annals-csis. emeraldinsight. com/researchregister Kathryn, B. K. ERP implementation plan. The definitive 7 step methodology.

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