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The company is also involved in repowering of the traditional coal energy plants with biomass. The company has also been running a public car charging station for electric cars since 2010. The company also have a deal with Empire State Building requiring the company to provide 100% renewable energy since 2011 (Shehabi et al. In the current society and business environment, information technology has a big role. Just like any other company, the energy companies need information technology to run their business and ensure that they are efficient and effective. There are some of the things that are important to know about cloud computing which includes; • There are two common versions of cloud computing that is important to know about There is a variety of cloud computing services that any particular organization can choose from depending on the needs of the organization.

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However, there are two common versions of cloud computing that is specifically important to note. The two versions are Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) and the Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) (Yu, Shimeng, and Pai-Yu Chen 45). • Cloud Computing services allow firms to be more flexible in delivering information technology services. The business environment in the current society is dynamic. Making the Business Case Implementation of AI technology Business Context ABC Company offers banking services and has a large market. The company communicates with large numbers of customers each. The banking sector has been competitive, and therefore there is urgent need to reduce cost by the business. The firms have been using modern technologies to reduce cost and become more competitive. One of the commonly used technology is AI in communication.

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With the application of the AI technology, the delays will be reduced and therefore improving the service delivery. The level of customers’ satisfaction with therefore is improved. The CIO and the C-Suite NRG Energy has been spending a significant amount of money on information technology. The company is spending about $0. 5 million on technology each, and the cost is expected to increase by about 4. The workplace settings should be developed in a way that it is flexible to changes. The rapid technology changes in the current environment are redefining talent management in organizations. The emerging technology is providing opportunities at each talent management category by enabling the human resource departments to manage workers and their talents (Cearley, Burke, and Walker 12). The Human Resources technology is transforming the Human resources processes from recruitment to retention of employees.

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Waves of Technology over Time Technology Trends that is changing the business environment Technology is changing have major influences on the business environment. For business owners, therefore, it is important to embrace this new technology that can help in improving communication with the clients as well as workers. • Security Data and information security have been an issue in the current business environment. Businesses are avoiding putting their data in one place which is more vulnerable hackers and applying more sophisticated data and information protection methods. Work Cited Awolusi, Ibukun, Eric Marks, and Matthew Hallowell. "Wearable technology for personalized construction safety monitoring and trending: Review of applicable devices. J. Walker. "Top 10 Strategic Technology Trends for. Shehabi, Arman, et al. "United States data center energy usage report.

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