Alice in Wonderland 1951 Movie Analysis

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The division of the film into a few arts may also have resulted into the low rank of the film. The first works of the animated film began in 1923 in justification of the book as the capture was required to be as closely related to the book as possible but they were not very successful. The posters however were not much to rely on as they did not convey the whole film but the piece that was being showcased , which could also be blamed on the young era of the new technology that most people were not exposed to. The making of Alice in Wonderland since was still in the making with different directors coming up until 1932 when Disney thought of the idea of making it into an animated film which did not succeed as snow white and others came first1. In 1946 the making of Alice in Wonderland into an animated feature began then in 1947, there was announcement on box office about its upcoming release by 1951 which might have been a bit early but warranted (see page 339/1972 of lantern media history digital library). Upon its release in 1951, there wasn’t the big reception as was expected as the critics accused Disney of “"Americanizing" a great work of English literature. ” The intended audience did not receive it as was expected which might also be because Disney was at the time not that known and was trying to create a name for itself. The film addresses social economic issues that affected that time and era.

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During the time, tea party ‘was a time when the social norms, customs and rules were of the highest importance. Following rule and befit in the society was very important’’ and all of this is being addressed in the movie together with social classes. The film shown in colleges led to the great appreciation which is ironic as it is said to be for 4 year old which according to some parents some of the children did not seem to like it. Furthermore, some of the scenes in the film especially with the evil queen got to the children and the characters were not the sweetest and kindest to Alice which roughens up the children’s mentality of everyone being nice and kind2. The film has since been remade and into a movie with a few more to make it sequel.

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The posters in the first making of the film were not that vast considering that was the early times with innovation and growth of technology. This also affected the showing of the films as the tapes and Cds are yet to be invented, which were however adopted into the 1951 film and made it easier to access. Other animations like snow white did also influence the choice and interest as per their reception and as we can see it’s peeked up all over. The audience’s interest is what most producers garner for as we can tell from the trailers too its most definitely looked out for. When we look at the original trailer of Alice in Wonderland, we first note that they mention snow white and Cinderella to capture the viewers attention as they were greatly received, then we are captivated by the warm but strong introduction/narration of the narrator as he takes us through what the movie is about and what to expect with Alice doing and going through wonderful things.

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The characters all look cute and fun to be with and the adventure Alice seems to be following in Wonderland with all those songs seem enticing. We note that Alice sings “I give myself great advice but I very seldom follow it” which seems ironic and was taken very heavily by critics as it seems even though the movie is meant for the young ones as the audience the moral and message being passed is not that great. The magazine ad showed a lot of detail for Alice in wonderland it certainly cannot be compared to the posters and the movie posters. There was more color (poster C) and the details were remarkable about the movie. It certainly was ahead of the movie poster that just showed the characters clustered around and almost withthought color.

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The fact that it came out six months prior showed that they had great expectations and hope on the take by the viewer, this also included the all round advertisement including comics and articles. Work cited Empson, William. A) ( B) c CC CCC (https://www. pinterest. com/pin/138907969729608850/) (https://encrypted-tbn0. gstatic. com/images?q=tbn:ANd9GcSe8fRDiKS-WIgO9nTIS6KeyrxJpIbBLOsJ3GwDO9wKJfkgsrhQ) Alice in wonderland 1951 trailer (https://youtu.

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