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Films do create excitement and Amores Perros is one of the films which created excitement on the internet (Sabbadini, 2003). The film talks about three aspects of the urban space of Mexico City. Gonzalez who is the director of the film was born in the city of Mexico. From the report of previous research,Gonzalez just wanted to create a film that relates to the city of Mexico. The stories of the film are centered on the slums’ teenager who was involved in dog fighting. In the film of Amores Peros, disloyalty is demonstrated where characters like Daniel decided to leave his own family to stay with another woman, Valeria to the extent of even buying her an apartment while Valeria remained loyal to her beauty until when she injured her keg because of a car accident and this hindered her from doing her work.

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There are also other forms of disloyalty described in the film when Octavio falls in love with Ramiro’s woman, Susana. The theme of loyalty is discovered to daughter when a hit-man fell and attempted to gain grace again (Sabbadini, 2003). Octavio is one the characters introduced by Gonzalez who lived in poorly in a city. The story of Octavio focused on this love which he had for Susana who was his sister in the law. The image of Valeria in the film is demonstrated by this actress. While that of Daniel is for the TV producer. The character is in form of dogs where Daniel and Valeria are demonstrated by dogs. Dogs are very important animals and thus the reason as to why they have been in this film symbolizing humans.

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The characters are seen to have motives and feelings. Octavio made enough money to cover his flight with Susana. Octavio also paid the owner of the venue of dog fighting, Mauricho, to have Ramiro beaten up. To demonstrate revenge, Ramiro stole the money and left with Susana instead. In the film therefore, there are aspects of money, love and revenge. This has also been demonstrated by the rest of the players of the film. The segments of all the characters are shown with presence of dog fights which was not accepted in the city of Mexico. Dog fighting for instance, gave Octavio money and therefore it is true that underground economy can give people of lower class ability of making money just like the way dog fighting gave Octavio money.

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The whole of the film involves dog fighting as it was included by Gonzalez. Gonzalez wanted to include dog fighting to demonstrate those harsh realities of the city of Mexico. The people of Mexico used to fight against the realities that they used to experience like those of having focus for money all because of love. The film’s producer used these characters to make those realities open to the people of Mexico (Smith, 2003). The film of Ameros Perros involved violence of different kinds that is, for gun, domestic issues and for cruelty of animals. The violence of domestic kind is shown in the relationship of Ramiro and his wife, Susana and in the relationship of Valeria and Daniel because they became physically and verbally aggressive when Valeria became depressed.

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