American Colonization of the West

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The praises of a rich fertile land was convincing enough to get the settlers moving west wards towards the mountains with a bid to take over. This created a colony that headed for the mountains to take control of the west. On reaching there, there were conflicts from the natives; this led to fights from both sides in order to keep the land. The natives who were American Indians used to hunt on the lands and a new settlement was a threat to this, the American colonists wanted the lands for their benefits and used all means in their disposal to fight for the land. They won, and people from all walks of life marched to the new found lands. People were finally able to do their things freely, they ventured into different careers, which bore the Western World.

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This became a place where the poor, the discontented and the oppressed would seek comfort. It became a land of freedom for all Americans. Due to its people’s resourcefulness and inventions, breaking customs that restrained them saw a growth in their community. In this new world, Americans marched toward the creation of a bold democracy and destiny. America was maturing. Development was becoming visible, rail road as means of transportation to the west were created, opening the gates to a growing economy and development (Turner pp303-327). Settlers from the east came through the Mississippi as farmers, miners and ranchers. These settlements grew the Great Plains. With the rail road, white settlers could take their cattle to the market; this grew the number of cattle in the land and farmers flourished (Library of Congress, n.

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This urge to fight for what they believed in for their own self preservation is the reason; the United States of America still lives with a strong absolution in the world. Today, America is among the most developed nations in the world, from a mere farmland to the expansion and to become the great Western World (Bailyn pp 27). In the late nineteenth century, the cowboy became symbolic to the west and was depicted as heroism. American cowboys owned their reputation and lifestyle. In history, the lives of Cowboys have been visualized as heroism and have been iconic in many books and other entertainments faculties. During the civil war in the year one thousand eight hundred and sixty-five the cowboys supplied beef which was the in demand from the Union Army.

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This influenced the growth of the meat industry in the west. Cowboys were vital in the shaping of the west and largely contributed in the growth of the United States in states such as Texas, Arizona and others. The cattle industry in the west grew due to the influence of the cowboy. The cowboy was a diverse culture and was adopted by all the people of the west, the Native Americans, the African-American and the Mexicans. To make the deal, each person who needed to own land had to pay $10. So, many settlers became land owners in the west. This influenced the American culture and grew the western parts to accommodate developments and sustain the settlers. The claim for the lands in the west was easy, however making a home and a farm out of them was barely unbearable since the grassland was strange to these people who had lived in the hills and forests of the east.

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Worse enough was the fact that building a home here was tough, trees which would be used for wood were not available. They also brought fuel and coal for their homes. They created a home and a world they could be proud of. They became adapt to change and with change came Technology. Technology was not to be ignored. They invented new ways to plough the lands; inventions to dig water to the surface were also created. For building of houses they needed to buy wood and transport it to the west by use of rail road’s which they paid for. They paid for the transportation of their products to the markets. Though a good thing, the prices for transportation were too high for the settlers and before the selling of their produce they had to store them in stores owned by the railroads.

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