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The company owns a supplemental business registered under the name Safeguard America, Inc. d. b. a Americas Transportation (Wiegmans et al. The supplemental business was founded to provide service to the cruise line industry of transportation and safeguarding. Miami Beach Blvd. The CATS Shuttle route is the shortest among the three and is centered around Florida International University (FIU). The major checkpoints along the route are 4th Street Commons, EC, 109 Tower, PG 5 East and Lot 5. The major roads it covers are SW 107TH Ave, SW 4th St, W Flagler St, SW 17th St, and E Campus Cir. The company provides a real-time location of a vehicle operating within its route using the TansLoc Panther Track website service (Wiegmans et al. For instance, the freight industry's capacity is tightening due to the economy, government regulations, driver shortage among other factors.

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Thus, the company has to constantly adapt and modify its shrinking capacity (Notteboom and Yang, 2016). When companies are looking to cut down on costs and improve profitability due to tightening budgets, transportation is one of the areas they tend to look. Therefore, Americas Transportation has to regularly adjust its charges to maintain and attract clients. Demand for transportation is affected by national or regional economic trends and changes. Teams are stimulated to respect, work with and communicate with drivers (Notteboom and Yang, 2016). Other amenities have driver break rooms to incorporate showers and vending machines. All these influences contribute to a sturdier relationship between provider and client. SITUATION DESCRIPTION Americas Transportation LLC is a company with 20-years’ experience, offering the following transportation services; Crew Transportation, Safeguard Services, Guests Services, Ground Transportation, Commuter Services, Shuttle Services, Emergency Evacuation Services, Charter Services, Public Transportation and Daily service to Canaveral and Tampa (Margaritis et al.

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Crew Transportation entails driving railroad train crews from one point to another. Authority is given to the agent by a guardian to use appropriate physical containment as deemed necessary (Wei et al. Commuting services entail getting clients from home to work or vice versa. Commuting can take in many forms such as train, bus, bike and personal vehicles each with different measures and criteria for charges. Shuttle buses or coaches are intended primarily to shuttle clients between two fixed points usually a short or medium range distance (Margaritis et al. Most shuttle services are concentrated around the airport and railway stations. Formal and informal relationships The types of relationships within the organization are both formal and informal. Formal relationships exist between the management and lower staff.

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Informal relationships mostly occur within people of similar ranks (Greenberg, 2014). For instance, between middle management staff or junior staff. Interdepartmental relationships are also seen in the organization. Project heads have little control and authority as top managers determine most of the project directions (Argyris, 2017). For instance, the organization structure allows for collaboration between the admirative personnel and the transit personnel. This allows for information dissemination that is crucial for innovation creativeness. ORGANIZATION EFFECTIVENESS Organizational behavior A measure of an organization’s effectiveness is its effectiveness as a social system. Americas Transportation has succeeded in doing this. Key motivation principles used include equity, fairness and value recognition (Miner, 2015). Americas Transportation's management uses both financial and non-financial instruments in motivating employees. Herzberg's two-factor theory is at the heart of this organization and thus the executive management lays out strategies to cover both satisfiers and dis-satisfiers in a viable and effective way (Miner, 2015).

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The firm employs tactics such as improving employee safety during night transit and issuing bonuses to the most dedicated employees so as to motivate them and bolster their performance (Miner, 2015). Work and efficiency Americas transportation has built its business on efficiency and effectiveness. Americas Transportation has leveraged on the demand of door to door deliveries as a result of online shopping to augment its business. Currently, the firm is piloting drone technology for delivering small packages to customers. ORGANIZATIONAL ANALYSIS Level of organizational effectiveness Americas Transportation LLC can be termed as an effective organization because of the policies it has enacted to instill efficiency in its operations. It is stratified into top, middle and lower management. The top management possesses high conceptual skills and low technical skills.

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They are vital contributors to efficiency in the organization. They ensure that workers perform the right tasks in the right way. They also ensure that resources are utilized in the most efficient and effective manner possible hence contributing to organizational efficiency (Argyris, 2017). Causes for organization effectiveness Americas Transportation LLC is very effective. But what contributes to this efficiency? First, I would attribute the success in efficiency to project management (Pinder, 2014). Therefore, I would propose this organization structure: Conclusion and recommendation Americas Transport LLC has become a model for other firms in the industry because of its organizational structure and workflow procedures. Its adaptability and change management mechanisms are outstanding and worth emulating. It is also notable that the firm has made remarkable strides in achieving a high level of efficiency.

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