Healthcare and Hygiene project mission to Lima Peru

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Peru's economy is reflected by its miscellaneous topography – a semi-arid and arid lowland coastal part, the dense forest of the Amazon and the central high sierra of the Andes region. A huge variety of precious and valuable mineral resources lie in the coastal and mountainous areas of the State. The Peru’s ocean offers a superb fishing grounds. Peru is the second largest world's producer of silver and copper. The economy of Peru has grown from 2009-2013 by an average of 5. Peru decided to return to democratic leadership in 1980 after many years of military rule but suffered from economic challenges. Peru’s presidential elections of 2006 saw the return into power of Alan Garcia Perez who had earlier served as a president of the country between 1985 to 1990.

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Currently the country has managed to reduce its poverty and unemployment levels over the last ten years. The purpose of my project mission is to help the people of Lima by educating them on free Health Care education, awareness and issues among children aged between 0-14 years. The free healthcare education, hygiene and issues among children aged between the age bracket mentioned above will help in creating awareness by teaching on how to prevent the reading of infectious illness, signify efficient handwashing with water and soap, help with medical and dental screening, come up with deworming treatment plans and also offer direct care including ear clinning nail, clipping,eye exam and as lice treatments. (Christian,2017). In an effort to reduce the malnutrition cases among the larger population of the residents of Lima, my team and i will help to instruct cooks,teachers,parents and students on proper and safer ways of food preparation, efficient cooking methods and safe methods of storing food.

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My team and I will help to achieve all this by inculcating enthusiasm for cooking fresh food. We will help to educate the larger population of Peru on the importance and contribution of fruits in the fight against malnutrition. We will also educate them on the need and importance of keenly washing food material before cooking. Not only will I be able to directly learn from the Peruvian people face to face, but I will also be able to help them as I learn. I also decided to choose Lima because of Peru’s population features. Peru’s population is approximated at 30,471,062 people of which forty five percent are Amerindian, thirty seven percent mestizo which is white mixed with Amerindian, thirteen percent white, and Blacks, Japanese, Chinese that account for the remaining population.

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Out of the thirty million population size, four million are children aged between zero to fourteen years accounting for approximately twenty six percent of the population size. (central population agency,2018). I personally believe that if we have the resources and time to help those in need then we should utilize that time to the maximum. We can therefore confidently do that because our safety is ensured by the organization that we shall be working for. The trip will require me to save as much as $4,800(7% of the total cost to be incurred for the trip), this will require me to save and borrow in order to save money for our trip. I also have raised $100 grant that will be saved in for the next five years as well.

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