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In that case, the business managed to conduct a market analysis by considering different aspects such as competitive advantage, market trends and market targets. Once the market was set ready, Amicus Quality Meals recruited a team of workers who were hired based on skills and expertise. Lastly, all financial requirements were set and a projection was made for a period of five years thereby determining feasibility of the business. Business Description My business entity is called Amicus Quality Meals. Personally, I am a chief chef and a manager or owner in this business that provides professional services in catering. In that case, the business has managed to secure a modern kitchen cum that adheres to standards set by Food Licensing Board.

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This cum will be used for offices purposes once the government approve its viability in Edgefield. This will be an expansion of our business to Edgefield, South Carolina because Amicus Quality Meals has been in business operation since 2013. The business has faced challenges during the initial stages of performance. However, the business has managed to use strategies to achieve its current position. Operating in hospitality industry is not easy due to competition in the market. However, as long as Amicus Quality Meals satisfy demands from clients, then we will achieve competitive advantage. Competition is inevitable in hospitality industry. The business face competition from indigenous catering services organizations in Edgefield. In that case, it is very important to design strategies that will outdo competition (Ruskin 56).

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These aspects will be applicable when marketing our services in Edgefield. Marketing require a team of professionals who will be in a position to balance skills in technical aspects, conceptual aspects and interpersonal aspects. Therefore, through division of labour and specialization, Amicus Quality Meals will be in a position to achieve these skills. Again, I prefer use workers based leadership style that incorporate opinions of all stakeholders in the business. In that case, the business will incorporate team work to deliver quality services to clients. Organization Management The organization management of Amicus Quality Meal is propelled by a team of workers whose duties and responsibilities are clearly spelt out based on their skills and expertise (Ruskin 56). A team required to deliver quality catering services in Edgefield will comprise members such as the manager who is the main chef and owner, accountant or cashier, personal chefs, marketing and sales executive, client service executive and truck driver.

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This team will be working together based on area of specialization. Duties and Responsibilities Manger • The manager will be responsible for provision of direction for the expansion. • He will handle clients with high profiles. Again, sales team will be hired based on skills and expertise. Apart from considering their experience and skills, training will be provided do as to equip them on how to make more sales as well as to maintain quality customers service interaction. Funding Requirements The expansion of this business to Edgefield require resources that need to be well calculated to mitigate financial constraints that may fall due. Amicus Quality Meals is established with an objective of maximizing profit margins in catering industry. Therefore, as a personal chef cum line of a business, funding is generated from personal savings (Natty 89).

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