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This is a Jewish custom that dates biblically to Deuteronomy and Leviticus. We will partner with restaurants which serve kosher foods such as Bagel Boss. The platform will also partner with universities, and this will be a significant advantage to Jewish student as their dietary concerned will be taken care of. Our organic farmers will partner with USDA organic as both parties will benefit from our platform. Our principal activities will be food distribution and delivery from farmers to the various partners. It publicizes support obtainable for Specialty Crops, the local food sector, and agricultural marketing. It decides not to inflict additional regulatory supplies for organic producers and managers. It offers several services such as quality grading, Grain inspection to ensure there are no further inorganic fertilizers, import and export certificates, market research and analysis.

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It develops quality grade standards for agricultural commodities, administers marketing regulatory programs. As a critical resource, this will surely ensure that we surely strive to give out proper services to both farmers and our partners. The Platform will also have an electronic system of payment from one individual to another. This will, therefore, come with the additional cost as we should hire the expert who will create a secure system that will ensure secure transmission of money that is safe and secure. We will also encounter delivery cost as we will require the purchase of trucks which have modern equipment that will ensure the transported food remains fresh and lacks contamination from any form of micro-organism that may lead to spoilage.

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International costs are also catered for as we will also export our products to other foreign countries when we properly expand our business. This means that we have to get in touch with other external traveling agencies to ensure that our goods reach to all intended destination across the world. We have come up with a unique system that facilitates the exchange of foods between restaurants. You can now quickly order food at a different restaurant through our online service, and it can get to you at another restaurant if you did not get a particular order. This service is only limited to a fifty-mile radius. We have this service to ensure you never miss your required meal at any moment.

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We also save our farmers money as we have now cut their transportation costs. Only members who have accepted the terms and conditions will be allowed to access the platform. Customer segments who we expected to be beneficiary of our platforms include farm owners who are mainly the producers and the suppliers in the chain. The platform is helpful to them as it facilitates a marketing system for their produce. Restaurant owners are other top beneficiary and customers to our platform since they can receive required raw materials which promote their businesses. Foodservice owners such as grocery store operates are top beneficiaries from our platform as they can get the supply of organic foods and can now easily have commodities for all types of their consumers; the organic and inorganic consumers.

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