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Additionally, I have additional experience as an esthetician for six years. This gives an edging difference in the field of acupuncture and herbal medicine. The decision to locate this business in New York is the shifting focus to herbal medicine combined with emotional and traditional touch. For example, the Spas that attract the wealthy and rich are usually located near yoga premises or those with a traditional touch of pleasure such as ‘Dry Humping’ zones. The therapeutic experience that will be provided in NaNa's Acupuncture & Herbal Clinic Plus Spa will attract, new market share where the unique traditional Chinese medical technique will be used to treat, in conjunction with the Chinese herbal medicine. NaNa's Acupuncture & Herbal Clinic plus Spa business will provide Acupuncture services, Detoxification using various herbal medicine, esthetician services, and addition to all treatment, Spa services will be available for messaging.

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This unique combination of services will help the business create its market share in the midst of several wellness centers that either provide single products. The floor area of the business is estimated at 300 square meters. This is appropriate to create a healing environment with a mixture of indoor plants, a mix of light and shadow to reveal the significance of Yin and Yang in Acupuncture. The premise will be in painted in light and dark colors that will create an ambiance of hope in pain. I have identified a Bungalow that its owners moved out recently and bought the premise which is 300 square meters will provide enough space to articulate healing with appropriate renovation architecture. This home like structure will help the business achieve its homely theme.

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The multiple rooms will give adequate room to distribute functions such as the Spa, the Sauna, reception, and the treatment room. The target market works in Baldwin Harbor, Oceanside Park, and the Marine Nature Study Area. The business premise is close to the target market, within a radius of 7. This is only provided in NaNa's Acupuncture & Herbal Clinic Plus Spa. Promotion The target market for the business are residents of the neighborhood or visitors of Baldwin Park or those working in the neighborhood downtown. For this matter, they are more concerned about the experience they will undergo in the treatment process, the ambiance and setting of the premise, its amenities, personal attention, and availability of fine herbs and complementary products and oils.

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The elderly will require aromatherapy and physical activities with a connection to the natural environment. This will be provided for in the backyard of the premise. For example, reduced fees will for group/family setting treatment will be done on Tuesdays and Thursdays while higher cost, personalized treatment packages will be done on Saturdays. This package will take treatment to the individual level, taking durations of up to two hours. However, the high cost will balance the reduced charges done twice weekly. The following is the list of the prices for the products offered in NaNa's Acupuncture & Herbal Clinic Plus Spa. Product Duration(MINS) Single($) Couple NaNa Escapes Five Elements Rebalance 180 415 790 NaNa Eternity 195 420 800 Body Elements 90 225 430 Aotearoa Aura 90 210 400 Exclusive Suite 90 95 90 NaNa Massages NaNa Stone Therapy 90 145 275 NaNa Harmony 60 145 285 NaNa Mother 60 145 NaNa Back, Neck and Shoulder Massage 30 85 155 Chinese Medicine Treatments Acupuncture Facial Renewal Treatment-Initial 75 225 Acupuncture Facial Renewal Treatment-repeat 75 240 NaNa Scrubs and Wraps Herbal Salt Scrub 30 95 175 Muddy Elements 90 215 400 Thalgomice Warm Body Wrap 60 190 360 Micronised Marine Algae Wrap 60 180 340 The above products are in line with recent research on the importance of massage and acupuncture.

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