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States that is Arizona, Ohio, and Florida. The project will be situated and distributed in cities and towns of these states as follows; 2 stores will be in Miami, 1 in Ohio, 1 Phoenix, 2 in Flagstaff Arizona, 2 in Tampa Florida, 1 in Tempe Arizona, and 1 in Tuscon Arizona. The project is set to be completed in the next 12 months. The projects will also deal with the selection of the site to grand openings. The budget will be approximately $ 500, 000. This aspect of commitment to the business and environmental needs is the main approach when it comes to the design and construction, landscaping, methods of building, lighting, and materials among others. The knowledge of all these aspects has been articulated together in the choosing of the project in general and down to the site and the location, the design and the material requirements.

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Taking into consideration all these aspects of this project is the key since it is through the achievement of this that will make the project and the business goals of the company be achieved. Based on a preliminary research on the sites it is evident that the places all have a coffee loving communities in that most of these locations are in towns and cities. These are public places for both national and international visitors and homes to different companies and offices and hence it is a surely perfect place for people with a great taste to coffee. Project Objectives Main Objective To open 10 new Starbucks stores in Arizona, Ohio, and Florida in the next 12 months Specific Objectives Before the onset of the core part of the purchase of materials and requirements, the first objective is to perform a perform a pilot study of the project locations by determining the type of community surrounding the site, their culture and their taste preference towards coffee, the weather and the approximate number of people likely to come around the franchise (market-demand structure) and the possible cost of requirements and materials in the different sites and locations.

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The next specific objective is to get a quality architect and building contractors to a device the design and purchase of materials and be transported to the respective locations in good time to start the construction (the first 2-3 weeks). This will ensure that much time is left for construction and furnishing to ensure that the original goal of innovative store design is kept and well achieved and hence the business need is equally taken into consideration. The other one of the specific objectives is to facilitate construction and the opening of three stores in the first quarter (September); one in Ohio and 2 in Miami. Three stores to be constructed and opened in the second quarter (December); two in Flagstaff Arizona and one in Phoenix.

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The limitations that come as a result of these assumptions are that no matter how much we may predict, we don’t know what preference will be chosen, it might be our brand or not which will also limit the business goals. Quality Requirements To guide the work and energy that will be put into this project, Starbucks in itself employ the American Council’s LEED (Green Building); an accreditation program which is used to measure success (Patterson et al, 2010). LEED stands for Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design and it has become one of the most successful tools for green building in the globe. Starbucks has its own LEED certification in the world that is used to certify all the new stores that are owned by the company.

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Risk Identification and Reporting This is the process of defining the specific risks that are likely to disturb the project and recording their features. Technical requirement Starbucks may not be seen as a franchise but it came as a result of a well-thought franchise idea for the purpose of its business model and principles; consistent product and image, clever marketing, superior service to customers, and hard work which has continued to make the business a multi-billion dollar company (Schultz 2012). This project, therefore, seeks to follow this prospect to the latter by employing a team that has a common entrepreneurial spirit, vision and the need to take and acts on an open market opportunity. This will see success through the consultation from external project managers, the quality assurance team, project team members among other experts that will be included in the project.

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