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Brecht suggested that concentrating on characters to represent social classes would appeal to the masses rather than individuals. Actors are also expected to initially present their characters and stop becoming the audiences’ characters. The concept aid actors or actresses focus on their roles rather than faking to appeal to the emotions of the audiences (Brecht 15-17). This approach is vital in aiding the actors to bring out all ideas which will be ‘consumed by the audience,’ and they can quickly reflect on the themes, identify the role of each character and all cinema elements used. Brecht (34-39) points out; realism is vital in the process of sociological motivation that the group would tap on to identify the presentations of the characters.

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The use of facial expression and music are vital in expressing what an actor is feeling. Jim Jarmusch's film Stranger than Paradise released in 1984 is similar to the deadpan comedy. The characters do not talk to each other frequently. The settings of the film bring out humour as well as the coolness of the film. Generally, the movie breaks down the traditional conventional roles and introduce isolation situations that are perfectly executed by all the characters. Brecht supports the concept of actors performing their respective roles calmly and naturally to ensure the actors bring out realism in their tasks. For example, when Eddie was driving, Willy was arguably the co-driver, very relaxed and enjoying the ride. However, when Eddie asked the whereabouts of Eva, he became angry and declined to comment more on the subject.

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