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The Roman Empire had its western part occupied by a tribe called Franks. They were one of the first kingdoms in Medieval Europe to accept Christianity as their religion. Its kings were expanding the kingdoms slowly and since they were the first adopters of Christianity, they enforced it to every kingdom they conquered. One of its notable kings was Charlemagne who ruled from 768-814. Charlemagne constructed a new Christian Europe in the eighth century by spreading beliefs of the religion to the other kingdoms with the expansion of the Franks territory and the use of fierce campaigns. A Christian leader/king should always be a role model to the people. He should be the first to give to the church and build more churches for worshipping.

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The king should also be in the forefront in pointing out the unacceptable vices in the church’s leadership. He should not condemn but help in developing the right way of worship. Charlemagne was very generous to the church. He established a center to teach liturgical studies and art which would later help in training the church servants and also help in the writing of church materials like song and drawings, (Page, 2016). The society expects that a leader who has been raised and presented to it by the church should be ready to protect it. The foreign invasion of a young religion is very common and this leads to syncretism or complete erosion of the religion. The same leader should be ready to help those followers who are surrounded by other religions and are facing the danger of murder from non-believers.

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Charlemagne used his authority as a king to protect Pope Leo III when Lombards were against his office. They were lending money for the interest which was against Christianity teachings of that time. Economic improvement was experienced in the kingdom after he put a bar on Jews not to engage in money in lending through Capitulary for the Jews. Christian religion spells out that non-believers should not be forced into accepting it since it’s a religion of peace. Acceptance should be a personal will after understanding it. Christianity also does not believe in mocking other religions. In conclusion, Charlemagne’s kingdom was a benchmark in spreading Christianity in the whole of Europe. Setting up of the cultural center to teach art and liturgical studies were the source of people who would later teach Christianity to other kingdoms in Europe.

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