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Religious nationalism has seen the government of a state sponsor an official national church and those who do not belong to that religion have been seriously discriminated and persecuted. Examples would include a large number of courtiers that have Islam as their religion. These countries include Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, Algeria, and Libya among many others. The non-Muslims in these countries have been subjected to a lot of serious persecutions and are not even elected to leadership positions. The Great Britain also has Anglican as its national religion and it has received a lot of state protection and funding (Haselby and Sam 34). the year 311 marked landmark to Christians because it was during this year when the Roman Emperor granted religious freedom to the Christians although they were not allowed to own property.

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The conversion of the Roman emperor Constantine into Christianity was a major boost to the development of Christianity as it started to receive maximum state support. From the humble beginning, Christianity later blossomed and spread all over Rome and later to other continents. Theology The ecclesiastical council Just like in all other organizations where different opinions are likely to arise different churches come together to discuss the theological and organizational issues. This is a necessary development which has seen leading Christians come together to discuss and find solutions to their differences. Whereas the Church in Eastern used to publish its documents and also conversed in Greek, the one in Western started to publish in the Latin language. Another major cause of the split was the developments in the religious doctrines.

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One of the major doctrines which led to the split of the Western and the Eastern were on where the Holy Spirit descended from. The supporters of the church in Eastern supported the idea that Holy Spirit was sent by the father while those at the Western disagreed stating that both the Father and the Son were very crucial in the coming of the Holy Spirit. Another cause of the divergence was on the dating of the Easter. Transmission The early years witnessed the spread of Christianity by the missionary. Most of the missionaries such as Paul and others eternalized in Asia, the chief Greek cities and later to Rome. The work of the early missionaries led to the spread of the new religion all over the Roman Empire and other countries.

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The missionaries covered the whole of the Roman Empire and beyond. Missionary activities spread to other countries such as Russia and Europe. Fundamentalism has seen the scientists challenge most of the religious beliefs such as the conception of Jesus, the physical resurrection of Jesus and the physical second coming of Jesus. This has been a source of conflicts in religions. The Liberal Christians also have their teachings and beliefs which are not as rigid as the old Christianity. They believe that Christianity is dynamic, that the fight against evil should be both social and personal, that the human beings should be treated with dignity as the children of God and that God is personal and human beings can have personal relationships with God.

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Neo-orthodoxy has greatly criticized religious liberalism. Their leaders have tried to bring a long-sating solution to this conflict even though it has not fully been successful to date (Ruther, Rosemary and Herman, 45). Analysis of the impacts and legacy of the historical events The historical events have helped shaped the world today. Religious nationalism has created unity and enhanced peace in the world. This is because people share common beliefs. It has also led to more tolerance. Coleman, John A, and Miklos Tomka. Religion and Nationalism. London: Scm Press. Print. Haselby, Sam.

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