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It is through the given recommendations what we will be able to create a decision criterion that will comprise of certain variables present within the company. The aim of those recommendations is to protect the relationship of this business with the other ones in the locality which they are operating, contributions and also the protection of the services which they provide to the market2. Randstad 2000 ,22-34) 1) Issues Randstad being one of the largest global leaders in the human resource services industry and specialized in solutions in the field of work and human resource services, we come to realize that the evidence of success is not spared from the present organizational problems. As a professional consultant, and having being appointed to make the necessary advice on the said particular business issues3. In this case issue, number one according to the video remains the market competition by other firms, over the time according to statistics Randstad has dominated the market until when the market was inflated up by private investors offering the same services. Randstad faces an issue of whether or not it’s worth to be in a position to engage in business and also devote a lot of effort on the services (Musterd, Sako, and Ben de Pater. pg33) It is as a result of this that this company need to put up in place more people and cost as over the previous time it suffered from low cost due to the presence of a poor relationship with other industries according to the video which I have already watched up.

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Another issue which has affected the Randstad is the increasing number of customers from the many countries which it has opened branches. This may result in a problem between them hence at the end decreasing the capability of decision-making processes. Causes From the case study, there are presences of certain factors which may result in contributing to the current issues which I have discussed above. Alternatives Through the extensive research which I have conducted as a professional consultant I have gone to the extent of finding out a number of alternatives that this company can go on and utilize up. They include the following part partnership, Randstad can act unethically and exclusivity within the business environment, all this have been discussed up by Michael Smith in the video and I will analyze them as follows, Through part ownership: the Randstad will be able to cope with the competition within the market and move to the next level as one of its challenges is the presence of competition.

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This is because if it will do so this will result in reducing the initial cost of risk which it was incurring hence; as a result, it will be in a position to cope up with the business environment. I will also as a consultant in this sector advice this company that it may as well seek equal rights to the services which it provides up. Gómez-Ibáñez, José A. Score Exclusivity Acting unethically Part ownership Price 4 6 6 16 Time 4 4 4 12 Accessibility 6 4 5 15 Practicality 4 3 6 13 Trust 8 2 12 22 Government influence 4 4 4 12 Moral standard 5 1 4 10 Total weight in % 35% 24% 41% 100 5) Recommended Solution The recommendations which I will put up in order to help Randstad cop up with the tough competition which is facing from its competitors are matched with the numerical value in the table which I have just presented above.

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The above alternatives align well with the company’s corporate strategies which are most attractive in one way or the other. After doing excellent investigation I would move on and advice the management of Randstad to use some of the options and which I will discuss below, the options includes exclusivity and part ownership which I will provide as my priority to the management and with reference to the case study which I have watched a video about. In this case the recommendations I will present exclusivity as the most important alternative which should be put in action by Randstad importer to make sure that it remains relevant to the market. Another best interest for this business is just bit to be able to continue with what is already in their strategic plan without altering it so that they can result in stronger negotiation with the other business partners.

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Through this as a professional consultant I will move on and make sure that I advice well the managers of Randstad on what they should be able to do while applying the above alternatives and following them well to make sure that the business which they are leading succeeds and it is not affected by the issues and the cause which I have discussed above. In conclusion, analyzing a video case study of a certain business has a lot of advantages. It is important in the process of making sure that the challenges which affect that business are well researched and a clear solution brought up. Through doing this, many businesses which follow what they have been told to do by the professional consultants are seen to succeed in their operations without fail as they aim at doing what they have been advised by the experts to do.

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Through studying a video case of any given business one is able to understand well the issue, then cause, the alternatives and the decision criteria which are used by any business in finding ways to which it will make it be able to remain in business. Washington, D. C. National Academy Press. Musterd, Sako, and Ben de Pater.  Randstad Holland: internationaal, regionaal, lokaal. en. Randstad: The Threats & Opportunities Facing the World's Second Largest Employment Services Provider. n. d. marketline.

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