Analysis of Top Five American Presidencies

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Thus beginning from Franklin D Roosevelt, Harry S Truman, John F Kennedy, Ronald Reagan to Barrack Obama; the presidents have had their successes and failures. This paper categorically analyzes the top five ranked American presidents; the scrutiny of their successes and failures during their tenure. Franklin D Roosevelt is one of the astounding American presidents thus can be ranked number one out of the five presidents. In essence, Franklin D Roosevelt was the savior and initiated laws to counter the problems that were being encountered in the United States during the Great Depression (1929-1939) (Gormley). This lead to the clouding of the “American Dream” through poverty, unemployment and despair and necessitated urgency solutions nationwide to mitigate the countrywide destruction issues experienced.

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The president had brevity in guiding and aiding the United States to sail through the end of World War two, the Cold War faced between Soviet Union and US, and the genesis of the atomic generation. It is imperative to note that Truman mediated the conflict between the American troops and North Korea and South Korea as well as aided in the building of the Israel state in the Middle East. More importantly, Truman acknowledged the Military and national security apparatus through passing the National Security Act in 1947(Ferrell). Truman had several failures during his tenure as equal to his successes. One of the failures of Truman is the failure to lead the United States to have victory with regards to the Korean War.

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Ideally, many people had no hopes when he was elected as he was seen as too young and lacked enough experience to fit the job. Kennedy took a ground that he was not going to relent unless he sees all the missile sites were dismantled and removed from Cuba. This compelled the Soviet Union in agreeing to remove the missiles in Cuba, thus making it as a success for Kennedy. More so another critical success linked to Kennedy is the foreign policies he established. Kennedy established a Peace Corps policy that allowed Americans to travel and work in underdeveloped places of the world to aid in improving the lives of people living in those regions. Taking position four is Ronald Reagan presidency.

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As his predecessors and successors Ronald Reagan presidency was successful in various aspects. For instance, through the introduction of the strategic defense policy, that enhanced star wars, cemented the military and funded research and development of weapon system. More so Reagan presidency created 20 million jobs that saw most of The United States citizens employed and reduced poverty levels and more importantly strengthened the Country’s economy (DeGregorio and Sandra). Reagan presidency is widely remembered due to its struggle to bring the Cold war to an end. This was affirmed from his statement “We are not going to let Wall Street take the money and run”. Furthermore, more importantly Obama played a key role in ending the war in Iraq. Obama failed in a number of issues.

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