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The Americans were fighting for liberty but the people who worked for them in their households remained enslave. Chains are a tale about a thirteen years old girl who remained enslaved by a loyalist of freedom during the liberation war. This large group of people who remained as slaves implies that the leaders were only talking the talk but not walking the walk. Therefore chain focuses attention on the side of the American Revolution that is hardly told. Anderson, Laurie Halse. The economic system caused the sale of Isabel sister and her father. Interestingly, despite the family being physically separated, they remained dear and close to Isabel’s heart. Anderson, Laurie Halse.  Chains. In the past, it was acceptable for a human being to another.

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Anderson, Laurie Halse.  Chains. Isabel and Ruth her younger sister are headed for a funeral of Miss Mary Finch who owned them as a slave. They are accompanied by the pastor, the wagon driver, Mary’s nephew known as Robert whose aim is to inherit money from Mary after her death. Isabel leaves the funeral to visit her mother’s grave who died due to smallpox. They leave behind values such as items that belonged to their parents and Ruth’s doll. Isabel hoped that Jenny who was a friend of Momma’s could buy them but Madam Lockton requests her husband that they increase the offer for the girls. Anderson, Laurie Halse.  Chains. Isabel, Ruth, and Locktons travel from the Newport to New York City using the boat as the means and not a first-class cruise.

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 Chains. Curzon takes Isabel to the Tea Water Pump where the wealthy prefer since the water is tasty and clear. The political situation is that Lockton is not loyal as he opposes the independence for the colonies. He persuades Isabel to join him with Colonel Regan and become a spy. Curzon informs Isabel that Lockton considers his slaves as objects who can’t hear and therefore has no secrets. The Madam of the house likes to scold her always. A particular morning Isabel cannot find her sister Ruth and she is informed that the madam forced her to be a personal assistant and Becky warns her about being disobedient in interfering with the boss decision. Isabel considers Curzon’s offer to be a spy.

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Anderson, Laurie Halse.  Chains. Isabel hopes that this will earn her freedom and Ruth too. Anderson, Laurie Halse.  Chains. After Isabel delivers the master plan to Curzon, she hopes that she and her sister will acquire freedom after Lockton is arrested by Bellingham. As soon as Bellingham and the soldiers arrive, they began to pry the windows apart claiming that they need a leader in the counterweights to make bullets but rather, they were looking for the Madams linen chest. Anderson, Laurie Halse.  Chains. Lockton hosted very important guests including the mayor, he instructed his wife not to disturb them. Since madam really wanted to know what was going on, she escorted Isabel who carried a tray of wine and goodies to the Library.

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Madam is asked to leave and Isabel remained to serve the guests.  Chains. The previous incident opens Isabel's eyes and she realizes that there is no way out from slavery and she decides that together with Ruth they must leave New York. The way out was to use the Lockton’s plan to kill Washington against him. So she breaks into the library and steals the names of all involved in the plan. She heads to the headquarters for the Patriots to meet Colonel Regan and to explain the situation they are in. Thomas Hickey was to be hanged publicly near-assassin of General George Washington. Isabel attending the event is with the aim of getting in touch with Colonel Regan since she didn’t want to see a guy die in public but to bargain for her freedom as well as that of Ruth.

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Conversely, Regan does not show up but Curzon comes over to say hi. Hickey is sentenced due to treason against the colonies. Anderson, Laurie Halse. British invasion left madam super moody and irritable at the same time. After ten days, Great Britain through the continental congress declared independence which called for celebration. Becky informs Isabel of the Madams treat which was unlike her, as she took her off to study, she fell asleep. Anderson, Laurie Halse.  Chains. She is tried and sentenced for her disobedience, her cheek was labeled with I to represent insolence. Anderson, Laurie Halse.  Chains. Isabel is imprisoned in the stocks. People gathered to watch her punishment just as they had gathered to watch Thomas Hickey hanging.  Chains.

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After Isabel is taken to Madam Lockton house, Madam doesn’t speak to her neither look at her. Curzon wants to talk to Isabel after Regan and Bellingham had broken their promise to her. He apologizes to her and encourages her that fighting for freedom is still worth. The Patriots want freedom but not for their slaves since they are seen as humans who don’t deserve it. Isabel is confused about the war and her care was only on the side which could help her find Ruth. Becky returns from the market with stories concerning the horror at soldiers’ campgrounds. This makes Isabel worry about Curzon but it is a relief after seeing him whole and well. Anderson, Laurie Halse.

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 Chains. But when she thought things could get better, Mr. Lockton appears and mocks her from the mark on her cheeks. Anderson, Laurie Halse.  Chains. The British army prepares a loyalist rally. They then make their way to Lockton house. Anderson, Laurie Halse.  Chains. The fire killed many, five hundred homes were destroyed and thousands of people were left homeless. Lockton offers Lady Seymour to live with them as she recovers. Isabel together with the soldier's wives are to prepare the house and the meals which are to be taken during the party Madam has prepared to celebrate the victory over fort Washington. Since the prison could not hold every rebel, some were left to nature, to starve, feel cold and also the hope that plague could kill them.

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Isabel plans to rescue her friend Curzon. Anderson, Laurie Halse.  Chains. Isabel also visits the bookstore and she is given the book by Thomas Paine common sense which is relevant for a freedom seeker. Anderson, Laurie Halse.  Chains. Isabel is preparing for Christmas. During her visit to the prison, she finds out that the rules are changed and she cannot get inside.  Chains. Isabel accompanies Sarah to the market after Christmas since there was no food left. Isabel is still confused about her loyalty. In the market, Isabel runs to Captain Morse, he begs that he takes a message to the prisoners and she gives in as she agrees to go to the tavern that afternoon to get the message. The captain gives bread baked with a note inside stating that Washington’s army had defeated the British at Trenton which was a call for celebration as the news spread.

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The next morning, Lady Seymour could not talk nor move her legs after seizure after dinner and Madam ask the doctor when she is going to die. Isabel is tormented by the thoughts of freedom as she is enlightened by the book she is reading. Anderson, Laurie Halse.  Chains. Isabel thinks of how Lady Seymour is a prisoner due to her illness just as Curzon is imprisoned by the British prison and how her slavery is continuous in the Locktons home. Anderson, Laurie Halse.  Chains. Isabel gathers all her belongings. She is ready to steal some coins from Lady Seymour but before she succeeds, she wakes up. However, she is told that she can keep the money and tells Isabel to run.

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