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Language studies started many years ago, but gender studies have been studied for a short period. Studies on gender developed differently and achieved significant influence in some places like North America during the epoch of feminism. The era began in 1960 affecting both public and academic life. It also influenced popular and high culture which shaped the scholarly and historical context of generations. It is an essential subject when studying about gender and you have to start with exploring differences between women and men. Previous studies have indicated that style is very different between the genders. Women and men who speak using a particular word use it in different ways (Oakley, 2016). The paper explores the differences and evaluates the changes then gives these changes and variations some likely explanations. Both genders also have differences in the usage of language when they are arguing. Studies indicate that men find it difficult to convince women while explaining a concept. The paper will include an emphasis on the differences between the word used by men and ladies when in an argument. Language usage Sometimes men hold the reality so that they can be the ones to give the final verdict in a discussion. The guy who provides a better illustration of the truth is considered as the winner in an argument. Women do not care about winning in all situations like men. The male code in men seems like a silly thing to women. When women argue and fight, they do not adhere to any rules.

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The one who has a snotty-mouth and manages to manipulate her opponent emotionally into submission becomes the winner in an argument between women. The truth in a discussion does not matter to women while the debate on men focusses on the reality. Men are sometimes less or more deceived while communicating with women because they do not understand that women do not speak in a similar language with like them (Coates, 2015). Words do not even have same meaning or weight in women’s literature especially when you ask them a question about their feelings. Men usually spend many hours watching and will always memorize stats. They tend to see the strategy in sports, and they thrive positively in such things, but women do not like these things too much. Women enjoy watching television programs like soap operas.

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They view just like the way men watch games, but women watch soap operas as a means of social strategy. While watching soap operas, women see everything in the play as a social strategy. They are unable to make decisions by themselves and see the sexy man whom they desire, and instead, they leave the group to decide for them. On the other hand, men make their decisions on who they want to be their sexual partners while ladies choose a sexy man because of the sexual preference of other women. Women sometimes have taste, elegance and happy ideas but attaining the ideal is troublesome for them. Researchers demonstrate that the variations of women and men while arguing as the same as the comparison between plants and animals. In this paper, we can say that men have the same characteristics as animals.

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Some of them describe women as the most accountable teenager present in the house. But the phrase does not mean that ladies have the same characteristics as children, but it is only in the field of making judgments. Children and ladies have similar senses of justice and principle in the navigation of the universe. It is because the society allows then not to have a sense of justice and policy. In the conversations between men and ladies, men know how to make judgments because he is aware that it is difficult to argue with women. Instead of power and dissimulation, men have a bodily strength which is different from that of women. Dishonesty is, therefore, an inbuilt character in women, and they all exhibit such behaviors while arguing. Women also tend to dissemble at every available opportunity just like the animals taking their weapons when attacked.

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They think that in dissembling they are enjoying their rights. It is difficult to get a woman standing for the perfect reality and does not even dissemble. Women will always consider their other female counterpart needs before considering those of men. Other religions such as Buddhism also regard women as liars, and they cannot allow them to become buddhas. Discussion The conversation with women is based on relative truth, and they do not matter when you win over them. When you win, they will come up with a new reality leading to further arguments. The objective of the man is to get the truth, but this is not what the woman he is arguing with wants (Willens, 2013). Some of the partially converted ladies cannot also rise above their typical character. After sometimes of conversion, the circumstances may change which makes her previous stance inappropriate for her.

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Men will find it difficult to convince a woman, and they end up accepting what the woman says due to their manipulative nature. Some women may appear suitable for sometimes, but they always change. Women may believe in them, but the trust dies after realizing that all women have the same characteristics. The influence of women has proved mischievous especially in the case of Lacedaemonian. According to Schlafly (2016), the evil in women emerged during the Theban attack where women never assisted in the war and instead they caused more misperception to the region than the rivals. Men should, therefore, take their staunchly and position which never budges. Explaining your problems to ladies is useless because it cannot yield excellent results (Bergvall, 2014). They can either find your argument sound, and they help you by conforming themselves to you.

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Men see women a people who do not reason and will always lead to the rise of conflicts or even lead to more significant crisis. Summary Arguing with women is a fault because it cannot assist in finding the truth. Every discussion requires the use of language, but ladies in the society do not match up word with actions. Ladies will freely state things that do not make sense to the listener. But ladies do not like accepting that their basis of the argument is vague because they do not like losing. Even if the text says that women are manipulative, men should not follow the wrong path because a lady says it is true. To conclude, it is evident that ladies and men speak differently while arguing and also make different judgments.

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