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The personal development idea is not only limited toindividual development,but it also involves formal and informal activities that promote the growth of others. Core Skills Core skills are the critical factors in the reflection of the personal development plan. The achievement of personal development can only be attained through studying and understanding the individual core skills. It is essential to analyse the impact of the core skills to personal development plan. The Core skills support an individual to determine their short-term and long-term goals that will be essential in the accomplishment of personal development. This skill enables me to implement an activity without procrastination by maintaining my effort and attention until the completion of the task. The skill improves my ability to pay attention in the middle of destructions and hindrances and sustenance that require energy and effort for successful implementation of intended goals.

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The assessment of the focus and concentration skill is essential in determining your ability to perform and solve a particular situation. Although the skill isa necessary factor in personal development, the contradiction of the skill is that too much concentration can also affect your performance where you are unable to consult about specific information or activity. The skillwill enable me to be productive in my future employment where I will be able to deal with destruction and motivate myself to perform under any circumstance. My best practices on time management are by the creation of a mental shift rather than just developing abilityin time management. The time management skills help me to concentrate on whatever I am doing despite the destruction.

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Time management supports me aligning my core values with my actions which, impacts the attainment of significant results. Time is essential in maximising the results which, strengthen my relationship withmy team members. Being specific clear about the objectives that I want to achieve by focusing on what is important and developing a meaningful metric around the outcome. The efficient achieving of the shared goals and effective outcome is determined by the ability to work as a team. Teamwork means accommodation of ideas from each member, listening, working to ensure productivity of the group and to share responsibility with other members. Successfulcollaboration comprises of members who possess unique strength and skills to ensure the team achieves the goals of the group efficiently.

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My ability to work effectively with my team members in school both at classroom and field event has shaped my teamwork skills. Working with my team members have resultedin achieving all the set goals effectively. The person that is providing feedback should ensure they prepare what they want to display. Feedback should be regular since it requires constant attention. I always ensure that I present a substantial feedback that is useful by ensuring it is based on behaviour rather than personality by ensuring I do not give comments on personal traits. Feedback describes the impact of someone behaviour on me. I effectively present the feedback to the recipient to make it easy for them to understand. Personal growth expands the individual development cycle,and also it improves and enhancesfuturegrowth and discovery.

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