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Based on Koch preface reading, three essential issues will be discussed. • How to make communication more effective For a communication to be effective and be understood by every person involved, it should have the following characteristics. I. Completeness: A communication should be complete for it to be termed as an effective communication. The communication should consist of all the information that the recipient requires to make a decision, evaluate its contents or fix a certain problem. Clearness: A sender of a message should keep it clear and specific to the receiver. • How to fight the fears in a public speaking In this book, I have learned several things that I should practice to beat the fears that come during a public speaking as well as how I should develop my self-confidence to have the power of standing in front of the audience to deliver information.

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First of all, you have to prepare. This means that the speaker should make sure that he or she understands the material that he or she is going to cover. The speaker should practice the materials that are to be covered, access one of the recording equipment, record his or her speech and then review it to know where he or she can improve. Emotional reactions, daydreaming are also some of the breakdowns of an effective communication among many others. Listening will also lead to a complete communication and understanding of the message being delivered. Developing your listening skills is advantageous since it can make you be a more desirable employee, make you take short periods of time while reading, it can also help you be a better student and it can as well help you become a better family member and a friend.

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There are also barriers that affect good listening but one can avoid them through various ways: preparing to listen whenever you are attending any speech or a lecture, avoid distractions that can interfere with your listening, you should also learn on how to sort out the key points during a speech or a lecture, a good speaker should put into practice on how to think along with the speaker. Communication Breakdowns A communication breakdown leads to a terrible misunderstanding of the message an individual is trying to pass through. To avoid this type of communication barrier I could have been supportive and also show care to the speaker and he could have returned the kindness. • Being too focused on myself and what I want: I was too focused on what I want without considering what other people want.

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When my agenda became apparent, the people checked out and they stopped listening. The solution for this communication barrier that I could have put into practice is to always seek for a win-win option that could have been of benefit for every individual involved. • Being argumentative: I was that person who argued even when the other people agree. Listening to the whole information before jumping to the conclusion could have helped me avoid this type of communication breakdown. • Verbal static: This is one of the challenges that I needed to overcome so that I can improve my influence and I could have been done through replacing non-words with a pause. I used the non-words to buy myself time to think what I want to say.

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These words were distracting and my listeners nearly lost my message. The solution to the barrier is to simply eliminate the filler words. When delivering a public speech, the speaker should make his or her audience as comfortable as possible the same case an interviewee should keep his or her narrator as possible as he can: being friendly and polite. A public speaker should take time to introduce himself or herself before beginning the speech and an interviewee also do the same at the beginning of the interview. The public speaker should also give to the audience for creating the time and the interviewee should also give thanks to the interviewee for taking time and let him or her into the interview.

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The meaning of this is that giving thanks to both parties applies before they begin their work. Both in public speaking and an interview, there is answering as well as asking questions. The public speaker or the interviewee should not get surprised. At many times, these questions are asked to see how they will react. In both cases, good communication tips are used to make the communication more effective and avoid the communication breakdowns which can lead to a horrible misunderstanding. Ways in Which Technology Has Changed Public Speaking • The technology has improved public speaking through many ways. First, through technology people who have particular disabilities such as hearing communication are now able to receive and understand the message. • The internet allows for online communication and through the online communication, the participants bring new options and new opinions to the daylight.

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