Effects of Obesity on Breast Cancer

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While a reversed (opposite) affiliation is seen in premenopausal ladies. In many western nations, obesity and overweight is termed to be the most crucial nutritional health danger. And as it has been observed, excess fats in the body are not only a risk aspect for diabetes and heart diseases, but also contributes to the various types of cancer, and breast cancer being one of them. Obesity has been found to be a global epidemic, with an estimation of around three hundred million people being linked to it. And there is high possibility that its levels will increase in the near future, making it a worldwide epidemic. With the production of adipokines and the tumor causing factor, creates a surrounding that supports carcinogenesis; this are the development, their survival and procreation of cells (International Congress on Obesity, 2003 ).

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Therefore obesity has a great contribution of development of breast cancer on most women. Problem Statement People who have obesity compared to the people who are of normal weight are always at a higher risk of contracting many critical diseases and conditions. There is a great awareness of the effects of obesity on various diseases such as type 2 diabetes and heart disease. But the biggest problem lies with the fact that although many people are aware of obesity and some of its serious effects, most of them do not associate obesity with breast cancer. This is because a crucial root of estrogen such as in this therapy, greatly increases the circulation in women, which can help in hindering any impacts generated by inclined estrogen found in the body fats.

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My problem statement has proved to also be meaningful since, although most of the epidemiological studies focus more on obesity and various types of cancers such as breast cancer, there is still a great lack of awareness of the fact that obesity can cause breast cancer. Most people only know that being obese creates serious health issues, but they lack the mere knowledge of breast cancer being one of the effects or outcomes of obesity. This lack of awareness has created great gap in the epidemiological study that many researchers have identified, with an aim of trying to do more researches on this topic so as to create awareness all around the world. With such an important gap I think addressing this issue by creating more awareness to women all around the world and encouraging them to be of the appropriate weight should be the next step that most people with this knowledge should.

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Because with the information, people will start to be cautious of their weight and try to maintain the normal weight. Remember, being overweight or obese can not only increase the risk of breast cancer but also the risk of other diseases that are known to be fatal, for example the heart disease. Conclusion People and medical professions should stop treating obesity as a condition, it should be treated as serious disease that causes other critical and fatal diseases such as breast cancer. All the governments and health professionals and departments around the globe should focus on establishing programs that will ensure that tremendous awareness on the effect of obesity on breast cancer is created to all the people all around the world.

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